Bathrooms normally contain a lot of intricate plumbing structures. From your shower to your toilet there is a lot that goes into making sure your bathroom plumbing is working properly. Each fixture in your bathroom must be connected to a water supply, vent, drain, and waste system, so it is important to get your plumbing done by one of Rescue Plumbing Inc.’s experienced bathroom plumbers in the Loop.

Water Supply

Your toilets, faucets, showers, and any other plumbing fixtures in your bathroom will need a connection to your household water supply. Each drain must be correctly connected to a water supply line. Household water supplies normally come from pipes or wells that are connected to your city’s main water source.

The connection points for your bathroom usually branch off of the main line into two lines. The cold-water line will go straight to your fixtures and the hot water will be directed to the water heater first then to your bathroom. Your bathroom plumber near the loop will help you ensure your pipes are connected properly.

Vents and Drains

Bathroom plumbing requires vent, waste, and drain systems to function. Vent systems are your bathrooms source of air to drains and waste systems. Vents ensure that your water and waste is moving out of your bathroom. A vent system is installed with pipes that connect to your outgoing sewer line and run up to the roof, so both gas and waste can be dispelled. Your vent system is an important part of functioning bathroom plumbing, so it is important to call a bathroom plumber in the loop to install and maintain this system.

Drains are also critical to your bathroom plumbing. All plumbing in your bathroom requires functioning drain systems. Your drain system is what is used to expel waste and water from your bathroom. It is important that this system is working to avoid clogging, pipe leaks, and back-up. Proper installation and maintenance are important to keep your drain system working properly.

Keeping Your Drains Clog-Free

If your drains aren’t properly maintained and cleaned it can cause blockage and clogging. While some bathroom clogs can be fixed with a drain snake or a plunger, it is important to monitor them to avoid bigger issues. To keep your bathroom drains cleaned, regular maintenance should be scheduled with your bathroom plumber in the loop. Blockages or clogs can become detrimental when they are not taken care of in a timely matter. Backed-up bathroom drains can cause pipe leakage and even septic tank back-ups, which can leave your bathroom needed more pricey fixes.

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