Flood Control System Repair in Buena Park Chicago: Trap Door Reveals Issue

When sewer problems arise, sewer repair is inevitable. It doesn’t matter if it’s a clog in the sewer line or a whole sewer pipe that needs replacing.

That said, when sewage starts backing up into bathtubs and kitchens, it can create quite a mess.

So, you might be wondering what to do about this issue? Well for starters, call your local plumber!

We’re not only experts at sewer repair but we also have experience with flood control systems too. In fact, recently we made repairs to one in the Buena Park neighborhood of Chicago!

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Buena Park Sewage Diaster

The customer called us and complained of a horrible sewage smell in the home.  Also, when he would flush the toilet in the basement, sewage would then back up into the bathtub. 

No problem for us. To the Rescue! We dispatched a plumber within the hour.  Our Plumber conducted an in-depth diagnostic that involved the use of a sewer camera to locate the source of the problem.

We found the trouble in the living room of the basement.  To our surprise, and the owners, we discovered a trap door. That trap door revealed an old flood control system in need of repair. 

We power rodded the sewer line and we used a camera to inspect the line to make sure it was clear. We also replaced the ejector pump and check valve for the flood control system. 

The smell went away and there were no more backup issues. The customer was happy to have the issues resolved.  

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What To Do After A Sewage Backup Or Leak Occurs

If you have a sewer backup or leak your first step is to call the sewer company. They will assess if an emergency repair needs to be done, and what that entails.

It’s also important to contact them as soon as possible because they may put a sewer restriction and or pass into place preventing any more water from flowing down to your sewer.

After contacting the sewer company, you should contact a plumber to assess if there is any sewage or flood damage in your home.

If so, they will be able to help get everything cleaned up and dried out before mold starts growing on wet surfaces like flooring and carpets.

Major Sewer Leaks

For major sewer leaks that are in the basement, sewer water can come up through your toilet.

This is called a backup and it will be necessary to call in someone quickly to repair or replace any broken sewer pipes before they start leaking more sewage on your carpets and floors.

Minor Sewer Leaks

For minor sewer leaks that are under sinks or laundry rooms, contact a plumber for a sewer drain cleaning service.

If sewer water is coming from a floor drain, sewer pipe, or faucet in your home, contact a plumber for sewer line repair service to have the problem repaired and stop any future flow of sewage into your property.

Emergency Sewer Backups

If you had an emergency sewer backup that resulted in extensive damage to walls and floors, it’s important to contact a sewer restoration company that specializes in sewer damage.

They will be able to assess the problem and provide you with an estimate of what it might cost for repairs or clean up depending on your situation.

What Is A Sewer Camera?

A sewer camera is a fiber optic cable with a camera on one end, and a protective coating allowing the device to be inserted multiple times into sewers.

The typical length of these devices is about 200 feet in total. When used by our plumbers, they are attached to special monitors that record activity while submerged in sewer pipes.

Rescue Plumbing performs sewer video inspections daily. With our sewer camera, we can send out a signal to pinpoint the exact location.

We are able to see what’s happening in the pipe on-screen in real-time.

After the sewer camera inspection is completed an appropriate plan of action can be created to address any issues the sewer may have to bring it up to optimum functionality.

What is a Flood Control System?

A flood control system is used to prevent sewer backup into your home from a municipal sewer system.

If you notice that your home has an old, outdated version of this system then it may need repair depending on its age or its regular yearly maintenance.

The components of a residential flood control system usually include:

Check Valve

A check valve is a one-way valve, which means that it will only allow fluids to flow in one direction.

Water hammer may occur when a pump kicks on (water pressure changes push against the wall and back out towards the pump).

Ejector Pump

An ejector pump in a flood control system allows you to continue using your sewer system while the city’s municipal sewer system is backed up.

How To Prevent Flooding In Your Home

  • Regularly check plumbing fixtures and pipes for signs of leaks or clogs
  • Use the toilet less frequently by using other bathroom options more often, such as urinals and bidets
  • Add a sewer backflow prevention device to your sewer plumbing example; A flood control system.
  • Have the sewer professionally cleaned by professionals at least once every three years
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To The Rescue!

So, you’re thinking that your sewer line is just a little bit backed up and it can wait until the weekend to clear itself out.

But what if I told you waiting could cost you more than money? It will result in an unsanitary situation for yourself and your family members who have contact with the water.

It’s important to maintain proper sewage flow to avoid any unnecessary backups or leaks by contacting Rescue Plumbing today!

We are experts at diagnosing sewer flood control problems before they happen. And when we find one – even if it’s something as small as a leaky toilet – we’ll fix it quickly and efficiently!

Free estimates are offered Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. You may need power rodding or camera inspection service if there is an obstruction in your pipes.

We also offer other services like faucet repair, toilet installation, water heater repairs, and more!

Our friendly staff is waiting for your call right now! You can reach us at (773) 799-8848 to schedule your free estimate today!

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