Emergency Plumber Roscoe Village Chicago

Roscoe Village Chicago Drum Trap Repair

Emergency Plumbing a Drum Trap in Roscoe Village

Many people have Drum Traps for their bath tubs in there home and they do not even know it.

Recently, we finished a plumbing job in Roscoe Village, Chicago involving a clogged bathtub.  Turns out, the house still had a drum trap installed, and was causing the clog.

Drum Traps are No Longer Installed

Drum traps were used predominantly in the 1930’s-1960’s. They are used as a hair catch, and you would have to access it to clean it regularly. Otherwise, it clogs up and causes blockage in your plumbing.

Drum Trap Removal Roscoe village
The remnants of an old drum trap.

Troubleshooting Clogged Bathtubs and Drum Traps

Most of the time, renovators do not know what they are, and end up tiling over them.  This is really bad because drum traps get forgotten and are hard to access. Today we no longer install drum traps.

In this case, we offered to remove it because it became a hazard that would potentially leak.

Drum Trap Replacement Roscoe Village Chicago
The finished product without the drum trap.

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