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Sewer Smell: How to Get Rid of It (And Why Your Plumber Might Recommend a Vent Pipe Replacement)

Sewer smell coming from your home? This is often due to plumbing problems such as corroded sewer lines or clogs. Our plumbers can determine the cause of sewer smells and help you get rid of it for good.

The plumber in this article fixed the sewer line corrosion and took care of the sewer gas smell in a Ravenswood Chicago home.

What are the potential causes of sewer gas smell in your Ravenswood home?

Improperly installed or clogged vent pipes

Vent pipes help regulate the air pressure inside your plumbing system and protect against odors.

If your vent pipe is clogged, air will not pass through your house. Frequently this situation results in leaking gases within your home.

To suspect that your vent stack is blocked you need to inspect the vent. Bring a flashlight and shoot the light beam through the pipe.

Look for obstructions including bird nests or other debris that may appear. The easiest solution to fix a hard-to-reach clog is to contact a professional.

Ravenswood, Chicago, plumber, clogged pipe, repairs

Drain Clogs

A clog in your pipes can form due to organic matter such as hair and soap. Bacteria can form on the clog, developing an unpleasant scent like sewage.

If left untreated, a clog will accumulate and grow larger producing more noticeable odors.

Fortunately, drain snakes can be an easy solution for a blocked drain.

Dry P-Trap

Dry P-traps can be simple or difficult to repair depending on the underlying cause. The P-trap is the U-shaped section of pipe below your sink, which traps sewer gas and prevents it from coming out of all sorts of outlets in your house.

Some methods to fix a dry sewer trap include: pouring water into the p trap, in instances where water evaporates in the p trap from lack of use. Additionally, the Illinois Plumbing Code book states to use caulking to keep the trap seal in place.

Alternatively, you can add water to every kitchen and bathroom drain in your house to fill all of your home’s P-traps. These home repairs will help ensure that sewer gas smells do not return.

Broken or loose seal

If damaged, a seal can fill with sewage and cause a foul odor. If you damage a toilet bowl it may cause the wax ring seal to crack and lead to the leak of urine and other waste.

To repair a bad wax ring, reset the toilet with a replacement toilet ring. Even the slightest gaps can allow wastewater to pass through.

If the problem is a bad wax ring or loose seal, a fresh application of caulk can often solve this plumbing problem.

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The importance of calling in an expert plumber when dealing with sewer gas

Sewage gas can be hazardous to your health. One of the primary gases in sewage is hydrogen sulfide, and if it accumulates enough, it could become highly toxic.

Sewage gas can also affect you and your family’s health in many ways:

  • sewer gas may cause headaches and nausea
  • hydrogen sulfide in sewer gas may cause dizziness
  • sewer gas smell can make you feel uncomfortable in your own home, especially if it is a chronic problem
  • extended exposure may lead to organ damage
  • exposure to sewer gases could lead to respiratory problems over time

It’s important that those who suspect they might have sewer gas in their homes contact an expert as soon as possible.

Don’t try and solve the problem on your own or simply cover it up with products that mask the issue – this can make sewer gas worse in the long run.

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How our experts can remove the sewer odor from your Ravenswood Chicago home

Our expert plumber responded to a call from an older Ravenswood home that was recently remodeled. The client complained about a strong sewer gas odor coming from the bathroom.

First, our plumber recognized the foul egg smell. Immediately, he:

  • Checked all pipes under sinks or toilets for drips or leaks
  • Identified a sewer gas leak emanating from the vent pipe
Ravenswood, Chicago, plumber, clogged pipe, repairs

After an in-depth diagnosis, the plumber located the 100-year-old galvanized vent pipe that had not been replaced during the renovation of the house.

Our experts carefully cut into the drywall and removed the corroded pipe that was causing the clog. Galvanized pipes are often more susceptible to clogging from gunk than PVC or copper because it’s not as smooth on its interior surface.

He then replaced the old pipes with brand new PVC piping, which will prevent this from occurring in the future.

Finally, our Rescue plumber flushed the pipes to ensure there was no more sewer gas odor.

The client was relieved that our expert plumber identified and fixed their sewer problem in just one visit.

They can finally enjoy being home without having to worry about smelling sewer gas.

Preventing Sewer Smells in Future

Tips for keeping your pipes clean on a regular basis

It is important to care for sewer pipes on a regular basis as they can become clogged with grease, hair, and soap. These types of materials can lead to clogs and subsequently, to sewer smells in the home.

Here are some ways to prevent sewer smells from invading your home:

– Carry out routine sewer maintenance to avoid clogs

– Avoid using harsh chemicals on your sewer pipes, such as drain cleaners. They can damage the lining of the pipe and lead to sewer smells in future  

– Regularly clean any grease or food particles that have built up near the dishwasher by scraping it into a garbage disposal or depositing it in the trash can

– Avoid using chemical sewer cleaners. Instead, pour boiling water down your pipes or use a plunger periodically to clear them out

Ravenswood, plumber, clogged pipe, repairs

Let us remove the sewer gas smell from your Ravenswood home

If you can’t put your finger on the cause of that pungent sewer smell, we can help.

We have a team of experts who are ready to locate the source and fix it at an affordable rate.

If you need help locating and fixing these issues call our plumbers today at (773) 799-8848! We offer 24/7 emergency service so there’s no time like the present!

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