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Are You Ready for a Sewer Clean Out? 3 Ways to Clear Your Sewer in Wilmette, Illinois

Sewer line clogs are hard to deal with, especially in an emergency.

Sewer clean outs are designed for easy access but can be tricky to clear, and this article will show you how!

There are three methods of sewer line maintenance: sewer cleanout installs/replacement, power rodding, and hydro jetting.

Each one has its own set of pros and cons for your home or business establishment.

Below are some tips about how to solve your sewer problems.

sewer clean out installation location, sewer line, sewer system,
The first step in this sewer clean out was figuring out the pipe’s location. We ultimately chose to move it to a location outside of the driveway for easy access.

What is a sewer cleanout, and why do you need one?

A sewer clean out is an access point that allows you to use a drain cleaning machine to unblock a drain. They are easy plumbing access points, usually located near the floor of bathrooms and basements. You can install them below ground level or outside foundation walls for quick access.

Different types of sewer cleanouts

There are different types of clean outs found throughout homes across America all with their own unique benefits. Sewage comes out of your house’s pipes. If they are not taken care of, they can form a clog.

For example, a sewage backup often occurs when tree roots infiltrate the sewer line, and sometimes replacement pipe is needed.

What is happening to my plumbing?

Sewer cleanouts are often installed in houses when a cast iron or clay tile sewer system is broken or deteriorating. On occasion, we see new pipes that need a clean out installed as well.

These will then deteriorate much faster if proper maintenance is not done on them, especially when they do not have an access point.

Bathrooms, basements, and front yards are popular sewer cleanout installation spots because they’re high-traffic areas that offer easy plumbing access.

Sewer clean out replacement

Sewer clean out installation is a common solution to an old pipe that has begun to deteriorate, sewer line cleaning will prevent clogs before they even happen in any house!

A sewer cleaning can be done quickly when you have clean out access, but it is not the only part you will need to keep your drainage system working smoothly.

sewer clean out, sewer line, sewer system, plumbing solutions
This area outside the driveway had the best access for the installation.

Signs that your sewer line in your house might be blocked

Some sewer backups in your home aren’t that obvious.

Noticing backups

You may not notice some backups until water backs up in the toilet or sinks, so it’s important to be on top of your system maintenance and check for sewer clean out backups as soon as you can!

If you are noticing any of these signs there is a possibility that a clog is starting to form.

sewer clean out, sewer line, sewer system, plumbing solutions
We determined the connection to the main sewer led to the street.

Some ways to notice if you have problems include:

  • sewage odor inside or outside of the home: this is often a sign that gasses are backing up in your home’s pipes.
  • back ups in your sink or toilets: you may notice water backing up into your toilets, sinks or even tubs.
  • slow drainage: slow drains, or even no drainage at all can be a sign of backups in your pipe system.
  • water backing up into your shower or tub: if you start to notice backups in a place where it usually would not be, such as your bathtub.

If you have noticed any of these signs that might mean there is an issue.

What to do?

Remember if you suspect a blockage to call a plumber right away! A blocked sewer pipe is not something that should be treated lightly as sewage and waste can leak into your home’s foundation where there are potential health hazards.

finding sewer clean out on the property
Finding the best location on the property makes management of your plumbing that much easier.

Finding the location of your sewer clean out

Sewer cleanouts are not difficult to find in most houses, usually in the basement, bathroom, or front yard. Knowing the location of your sewer pipe is helpful as a homeowner.

Septic tank or no septic tank?

If you have a septic tank system your cleanout is often located on the pipe leading to it from your home.

If you do not have a septic tank, you will usually find multiple sewer outlets in your home or business establishment. You need to know where they all go.

Follow pipes from sinks, showers, and toilets throughout your house; most will lead to one main sewer pipe which leads to drainage outside your home.

Where do I find my sewer cleanout?

You can always call Rescue Plumbing for assistance if you’re having trouble finding it yourself, however, there are some ways that might help.

Searching online

One way to start finding the sewer cleanout in your home is to search online for tips.

You can also try to find sewer cleanout access in the following ways:

  • looking for a sewer pipe access point inside of your home.
  • checking all basement walls and floors, particularly near sinks or toilets where drains.
  • sewer cleanouts drain via pipes. Install about a foot above the floor on the main waste stack of the building.

Having trouble?

If you’re having trouble finding sewer outlets near or inside your home, it can be helpful to use a tracking dye inserted into one sink’s drain and then traced through the pipes in your home. Hiring a professional to help with this may be something to look into.

sewer clean out next to house
Having the sewer cleanout near the home is important for maintenance and easy access.

Sewer Cleanouts With A Camera, Power Rodding and Hydro Jetting – How The Process Works

Many sewer maintenance options can help unclog a blockage in your home or on your property.

Specialized Sewer Camera

One popular method is to use a camera to find the location of your sewer problems, such as if you have tree root intrusions into your sewer pipes or cracks in your sewer lines. Once you know the issue, it is easily fixed with either hydro jetting or power rodding.

Depending on what type of pipe system you have one or the other will be a good solution! Otherwise, in more serious sewer cases it might also call for the replacement of some pipe in certain parts of your house or within your property line.

Hydro-Jetting & Power Rodding

Hydro jetting uses pressure from pressurized water to clear waste by breaking it up. Power Rodding clears blocked pipelines using a blade. The blade cuts and pulls debris away from where it’s clogging things up inside of your home’s plumbing system.

These methods are both very effective in relieving sewer line blockages.

Rescue Plumbing’s professional Plumbers have the necessary knowledge and training to solve any issue in your home’s plumbing system.

Remember if you suspect problems or damage to call a professional plumber immediately! Clogged sewer lines and drains can allow sewage leaks into your home’s foundation which could cause serious health issues for the occupants of that property.

hydro jetting a sewer clean out in a home's sewer system
Hydro jetting or power rodding can solve some clogging issues if they arise. Now that the access point is easy to find,, future maintenance will be a snap!

Dangers of not solving the problem

Don’t let sewer clogs go untreated, especially in homes with children present as they might make them sick from gasses entering their breathing space.

In order to avoid backups and sewage leaks in your home, be sure that you have a professional install a sewer cleanout in your house if it does not already exist.

It will allow for easy access when it’s time to unclog or clear debris from pipes.

sewer clean out, sewer line, sewer system, plumbing solutions
Patching up the work and making it look like we never dug up the driveway is our top concern!

Calling for Sewer Clean Out Services

If you can’t find sewer access in your home it might be time to call a plumbing company for a sewer clean out installation.

Hire a company with specialized equipment

Sewer service companies will provide maintenance by using specialized equipment such as sewer inspection cameras, sewer location devices, and others that quickly unclog or identify the location of blockages within pipes.

Why Reviews are important

You can also lookup reviews on local plumbers in order to help determine who would best serve your needs when looking into hiring someone for a sewer clean out installation!

When calling around, ask about what types of specialty tools and resources each professional plumber carries along when a sewer clean out installation is needed. This will help in determining who the best fit would be for your solving your problem!

Having a sewer problem can cause you stress and anxiety but knowing what to expect before hiring someone might help ease those feelings, making it easier to figure out which plumbing professional is right for the job!

If none of these options work, don’t hesitate to call Rescue Plumbing to find more information about sewer maintenance and assess your pipes and drain lines.

Peace of mind

Remember that you should perform sewer line maintenance regularly to avoid serious problems later on down the road!

Be sure to explore all of your options before deciding upon a company or method for unclogging pipes. Are you ready for sewer maintenance? Call us today at (773) 799-8848 to speak with a plumber about sewer clean out services.

Sewer Cleanout Installation, Repair and Maintenance in Wilmette, IL – Rescue Plumbing

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Rescue Plumbing to the rescue! We build on our promise of pleasing our customers and delivering 5-star service.

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