Sewer Repair Plumber Evanston Illinois

Sewer Repair Plumber in Evanston Illinois


Recently, we completed a residential plumbing job in the city of Evanston Illinois.  We got the service call late in the afternoon hours.  Upon arrival, we discovered the basement sewer backed up and there was visible sewage on the floor.  Over several hours, we tried to clear the sewer blockage from a clean out access in the basement.  Unfortunately, the blockage was too far down the line and we could not clear it from the basement. 

Using a Sewer Camera Inspection

Unable to blindly power rod the line, we sent a sewer camera into the sewer from the basement.  First, we pushed the sewer camera as far as it would go, to the point where our power rodding machine could not break through.  Then, we turned on the transmitter for the camera.  The camera contains a special locating device that to pin points the blocked area on a map.  Thus, we excavated exactly where the transmitter sent the signal from. 

Fixing the Damaged Sewer Line

The tree roots literally broke the sewer line and rendered it unusable. So, we fixed the broken sewer and installed a full size 6 inch clean out in the front yard.  The clean out access in the basement was not full size 6 inch so no plumber could ever clean the sewer properly.

We used our newly installed full size cleanout access to power rod with a 6-inch cutter all the way to the city’s sewer system.  After completion of the job we always send in the sewer camera one more time to make sure the sewer is free of all tree roots or any other obstructions.  To the Rescue we strike again!   Another satisfied Rescue Plumbing customer.

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