Jefferson Park Chicago Plumber Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair in Jefferson Park Chicago


Recently, we completed a residential plumbing job in the Jefferson Park Neighborhood of Chicago.  When we arrived, the customer told us she purchased the home 5 months ago.  This was the third time she called a plumber to unclog the sewer.  Furthermore, she told us that when she took a shower sewage backed up into the bathtub.  Her concrete driveway was recently redone and the sewer issue was directly underneath the concrete.  Unfortunately for her, we had to remove the concrete to access the problem area of the sewer. 

Finding the Underlying Sewer Issue

Right away, we discovered an open clay tee fitting under the driveway.  The opening in the sewer pipe was allowing roots and dirt into the sewer causing it to back up into basement.  Apparently, this went on for years; we replaced about 30 feet of sewer pipe that was totally packed with roots. 

A Cautionary Tale for Homebuyers in Chicago

Sadly, this first time home buyer was absolutely misled.  There is no possible way the previous occupant to this property did not know they had sewer issues.  Honestly, the people who sold this home should have disclosed this.  During our city inspection, I spoke to the home owner and directed her to contact her relator and her closing attorney asap.  I hope there is recourse for her.

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