Water Leak Repairs in DePaul Chicago

A water leak is a major problem for any property owner in Chicago. It can cause damage to your home and business, as well as lead to high water bills.

Of course, water leakage is something you don’t have to fear with our reliable team at Rescue Plumbing at your service. We repair all broken water pipes in the Chicago area! Give us a call today for more information on our services to help with your water leak problems!

How To Identify A Leaking Pipe

A leak may not always be exposed. Leaks can occur in piping located within the walls. On some occasions, a leak may be exposed which would allow for easy access and the opening of any walls would be unnecessary.

A leaking site can be identified by a water stain on the ceiling or tiles. When water seeps into drywall, it usually leaves a soggy spot. Mold will also form if left untreated.

Find the leak by running water for 30 seconds and search for water stains around your home or basement floor. Leaks within the interior walls could be an indication that a leak might have been caused by improper plumbing installation, corrosion, age, accidental puncture, etc.

In addition, check your toilet, sinks, etc. to see if there are any leaks in those areas. Often, we get service calls in reference to a toilet or sink that is leaking into the unit below.


What To Do When You Find A Water Leak

Steps you can take when there is a water leak:
  • Turn the water off at the water shutoff valve.
  • Tighten any fittings and seal joints.
  • If the leak is inside your walls, do not attempt to fix the issue on your own. This is when you have to call Rescue Plumbing and they will assess the problem.
  • Remove any appliances or furniture in the surrounding area to avoid damage in the event that the plumbing issue worsens.

How To Repair Minor Leaks Yourself

What you need:
  • Pipe Cutter
  • Gloves
  • Pipe joint compound or plumber’s putty
  • Flashlight (if the area is dark)
  • Towels and buckets

Do it yourself

  • Turn the water off at the main water supply line. The main water supply line is usually located in the perimeter of your home on the side facing the street.
  • Use a hacksaw blade or pipe cutting tool to cut away any damaged portions of pipe that have been leaking. If not done correctly, water can leak excessively and you may need to seek professional help.
  • Apply plumber’s joint compound in between joints and seal them with a tight fit.
  • Always double-check that there are no more leaks by turning the water back on, letting the water system pressurize, and inspecting the problem areas.

Why You Should Always Call An Expert For Major Leaks Or Damages 

When should call Rescue Plumbing?

Always call an expert plumber for major pipe breaks or bursts. Remember, water damage repairs aren’t a do it your self project. Major water damage can lead to mold and other types of water-damage-related health concerns if left unattended.

Signs you should immediately call for help:
  • If you find dirt within the leaking water or water damage.
  • If the leaking water is very active and uncontrollable.
  • If water damage has accumulated to the point of becoming unsanitary.
  • If water has been stagnant for a long time
  • If there are loud sounds coming from the plumbing

DePaul Neighborhood – Chicago

This water leak repair was completed in the DePaul neighborhood of Chicago, an area we serve. The residents had noticed water leaking in their new apartment from the ceiling. Concerned that the leak would get larger and cause greater damage, the customer knew it was time to contact us for our services!

Upon arrival, the plumber ran a diagnostic to determine what was causing the leak and determined that it was coming from a pipe inside the wall.


DePaul Chicago Water Leak Repair:

The water line was shut off to stop the leakage temporarily while it is being repaired. The plumber and apprentice removed wet and damaged sections of drywall in the ceiling surrounding the leak for more accessibility.

Upon further investigation, the plumber found the water pipe had burst at several points. The burst sections were cut and removed using a pipe cutter. New pipes were used to replace the damaged sections.

All the new piping connections were inspected. The pipe was then pressurized to ensure that not only had the leakage been repaired correctly but also to determine if there were any other leaky areas that had not been initially identified.

The water line was opened once again, and our plumbers waited to see if the leak re-appeared. No further dripping was found – an indication that our work here was done!

Upon completing the work, the homeowners were very happy and could rest assured that their ceiling would not be leaking again. 


How To Prevent Water Leaks

The best way to avoid water damage is by taking preventive maintenance:  
  • Regularly check the water pressure
  • Look for water coming from your pipes or other appliances
  • Check water supply lines to make sure they’re not frozen during the winter
  • Be aware of high water bills

Remember: It’s important to address water leaks before you notice any water damage in your home or business. If there is already water damage present, call in Rescue Plumbing to come to the rescue!

Rescue Plumbing Services

Rescue Plumbing offers water repair services in the Chicago area and northern Chicago suburbs as well as other plumbing services. Our water repair service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Rescue plumbers are licensed and will respond to your plumbing needs and repairs immediately. You receive a free estimate and affordable prices. We will serve you at an affordable cost.


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