You may not think about it on a daily basis, but having a functional water heater is extremely important to the overall comfort and usability of your commercial building. Not thinking about your water heater is a good thing, as it means that it is working as it should be. However, having a basic understanding of your commercial water heater can help provide some direction in the case that something goes wrong. In this case, rely on our plumber near Lincoln Park in Chicago to quickly and affordably remedy the problem.

What Do Water Heaters Do?

Put simply, without a water heater, you wouldn’t have access to hot water. Hot water is a crucial part of many people’s routines year-round. Water heaters typically look like large metal cylinders but there are also tankless water heaters that don’t require the big, bulky equipment. They utilize the “heat rises” principle to deliver hot water directly to your faucet when you need it most. Cold water enters through the bottom of the tank and is heated by electric elements or a gas flame. The adjustable thermostat then helps regulate the temperature, preparing it to be pumped out the top of the tank and through the pipes.

Residential vs. Commercial Water Heaters

There are two main differences between residential and commercial water heaters. First of all, their sizes differ drastically. Residential water heaters are only responsible for providing hot water to a small number of people. While commercial water heaters work on the same premise, they must be able to produce and deliver hot water on a much larger scale. To put it in perspective, residential water heaters are typically around 40, 50 and 75 gallons while commercial water tanks typically don’t exceed 100 gallons. Residential water heaters can handle gas inputs up to 75,000 British thermal units (BTUs), commercial water heaters can handle 1 million BTUs.

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Are you noticing that your commercial building doesn’t deliver hot water like it once did? Or maybe you are still receiving hot water, but the process of heating water takes longer than it once did. If this is the case, you’ll want to call Rescue Plumbing, Inc. to speak with our plumber near Lincoln Park. Our team can address the problem head-on and fix it in a timely manner to make sure your commercial system is working the way that it should be.

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