High-fat, home-cooked meals aren’t only bad for your arteries, but they can also wreak havoc on your plumbing system as well! Similar to what your arteries experience after eating too much fat, if your plumbing system endures too much grease, it can result in blockages that prevent your drainage system from working properly. Our plumber near downtown Chicago has seen firsthand the horrible effects that grease can have on plumbing systems, which is why we offer grease traps to help your system run smoother.

The Effects of Grease on Your Pipes

Pouring hot grease down your pipes may not seem like a huge deal in the moment, but doing so on a regular basis will have lasting effects. You’d think the grease would seamlessly travel through the pipes, but in fact, it sticks to the inside of the pipe and ends up drying. Pouring hot water down the pipes seems like the next best solution to wash off the grease, but the water doesn’t remove the grease from the inside of the pipes. Slowly but surely, the grease will accumulate and can end up resulting in complete blockage.

Determining If Your Drain Has Grease

You’ll want to determine if your plumbing system is already suffering from grease. Early symptoms of grease damage include slow water drainage, a gurgling sound, or a bad smell coming from your sink. The above symptoms could also be the result of a combination clog, meaning that the clog is not solely from grease, but a combination of things. Our plumber near downtown Chicago can evaluate your pipes and determine the root of the problem.

Taking Preventative Maintenance

Our plumber near downtown Chicago recommends grease traps in order to prevent the buildup of grease altogether. Grease traps are a handy plumbing device that are designed to intercept grease and other solids before they enter your plumbing system. The size of the grease trap is dependent on how big the sink is. There are three different types of grease traps:

  • Passive grease traps that are smaller and sit adjacent to sinks or dishwashers
  • Large, in-ground tanks that are made from concrete, fiberglass or steel. These types of grease traps are better designed for restaurants or other commercial buildings.
  • Grease-recovery devices (GRDs) that automatically remove grease when it becomes trapped

Don’t let grease stand in the way of you and a functional plumbing system. Our team at Rescue Plumbing, Inc. is only a phone call away!