An unexpected tool used in the plumbing world is a sewer camera that allows our team to look inside of your pipes. Sewer line problems can be tricky to deal with on your own because you don’t have the tools to see inside of them. But a facet of our plumbing services near Lakeview include video camera inspections to help diagnose and treat developing problems inside of your sewer lines. Plus, sewer cameras are extremely efficient and don’t require your pipes to be cut or taken apart in order to diagnose the problem.

Reasons for Inspection

Your plumbing system should run well on its own most of the time. But if you suddenly experience unexplained problems with your pipes or sewer lines, you’ll want to call our plumber in Lakeview to help. Here are some reasons that you may need a sewer camera inspection:

  • Retrieving a lost item: This process is made much easier with a sewer camera. Maybe your wedding ring accidentally slipped off your hand and fell down the sink. Our team can swiftly locate the missing item and return it to you undamaged.
  • Older home inspections: You never know the way that the previous homeowner treated their plumbing system. Make sure that you aren’t taking on pipes that are filled with gunk or other blockages that could worsen with time.
  • Sewer inspections before remodeling: If you are remodeling or expanding upon your current home, you’ll want to complete an inspection to make sure that the existing systems can take on the additional workload.

Benefits of Video Camera Inspections

Advanced camera equipment comes with many benefits. First, they are accurate, as they reveal the exact problem that your system is experiencing and help our team will develop a solution. Without this accuracy, it might take multiple tries to nail down the exact problem, ultimately costing more money. Video camera inspections are also fast, affordable and non-invasive.

If you feel as though you can benefit from a sewer camera inspection, please contact our team at Rescue Plumbing, Inc. today!