Just like other areas of your home, a little bit of plumbing maintenance can go a long way in saving you money and providing you with peace of mind. Call our plumber near Lakeview, Chicago for help with cleaning your sewer lines; because your sewer lines are hidden, it’s hard to notice when there is a problem. This is where our team comes into play! Learning about the sewer maintenance process and what it entails is helpful in understanding potential red flags.

How Often Should Sewer Lines Be Cleaned?

As a general rule of thumb, you should have your sewer lines cleaned once every 18-22 months. If you require cleanings more often than that, you’ll want to have our team utilize a camera to inspect the inside of your pipes. This visual can help us determine what issues are causing problems.

Warning Signs Your Sewer Lines Should Be Cleaned

Not all sewer backups are the result of dirty pipes. The following are potential problems that could cause damage without your knowledge:

  • Roots: Tree roots can sometimes get in the way of sewer lines, causing unexpected backups. Roots may even keep growing until they fill the pipes completely, causing breaks or other damage.
  • Bellied piping: When there is a sag in one of your pipes, it is referred to as bellied piping. Bellied piping is typically the result of the soil surrounding your pipes becoming loose and breaking, allowing the pipe to sag in and fill the open space. As time goes on, bellied pipes can cause blockage.
  • Grease: Pouring old, unused grease down your pipes can have a significant effect on your pipes. The grease will cool and solidify, building up on the sides of your pipes and creating blockage.

How We Clean Your Sewer Lines

We use different techniques depending on the severity and location of the problem. We can use a hydro-jetting process to get rid of buildup inside of your pipes. We may also use a mechanical drain-cleaning machine to reach certain areas. Finally, we can utilize video inspection to pinpoint the location of the blockage and take the proper measures to clear it out.

Call on our plumber serving Lakeview, Chicago and surrounding areas to see how we can take care of your sewer lines!