Kitchen plumbing includes all of the features in your kitchen that need water, such as your sink and dishwasher. While the kitchen plumbing system may seem simple it has many working parts. For kitchen plumbing installation and repair Rescue Plumbing Inc.’s kitchen plumbers in the loop and Chicagoland area can help.

Sink and Faucets

All kitchen sink plumbing systems include a sink, faucet, and a drain. Your kitchen sink system will need to be hooked up to our households main water source to function. Normally, your kitchen will require pipes running through both the floors in your home and your walls. If you are taking on a large kitchen remodel or need a repair to your kitchen plumbing it is best to leave the installation and maintenance to the professionals. Kitchen systems can be harder to install than many may assume from looking at them.

A sink faucet will need a direct connection to your cold-water and a pipe routing from your main water source into your water heater then back to the faucet. For your faucet to operate correctly, there will need to be connecting lines to your cold and hot water valves.

When it comes to the sink and its drain the pipes will have to be fixed together properly to avoid blockages and other potential issues. All sink drains have a curved portion that serves as a sink trap, which traps debris drained and prevent the sink from clogging deeper within the system. It is important to regularly maintain your drains to ensure that all debris is cleaned out so the system continues to work properly.

Garbage Disposal

For any kitchen plumbing system with a garbage disposal, a waste line will need to be installed to dispose of excess debris. Our kitchen plumbers in the loop and Chicagoland area can help to install your waste line to ensure no back-up occurs. It is important to have a waste line correctly installed for a garbage disposal to avoid clogging and back up in your sink.

Other Kitchen Plumbing Systems

Keep in mind that your sink and faucets may not be the only appliances that require a plumbing system. Here are some other kitchen essentials that may require a kitchen plumber.


Dishwashers require a water connection and drain to work. Rescue Plumbing Inc.’s team of experienced plumbers can make sure that this is connected correctly. Dishwashers can be difficult to install correctly, there are several nuances with pipe placement, so it is best to call a professional to install yours.


If your refrigerator has a water filter system or an ice maker, it will require a plumbing system. A refrigerator with those features will need to be connected to the main household water line to function. Contact us for professional installation of your refrigerator plumbing system.

For kitchen plumbing questions or installation make and appointment here or call (773) 799-8848.