Are You Experiencing A Basement Clog?

Has your basement been smelling like sewage lately? Does your basement flood during heavy rain? If so, click the button below to learn more about how we can help determine what is clogging your basement!

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Basement Clog

What is a basement clog?

A basement clog may be either caused by a main sewer clog or a failed ejector pump system. To fix the clog, power rodding will have to be done on your basement drain line if it’s blocked with debris from floodwater. Or you may need to replace the old failed ejector pump.

Read below to understand the difference between the main sewer clog and a failed ejector pump system.

Main sewer clog:

The main sewer clog is an obstruction or narrowing of the main sewer line leading from the basement to the mainline.

The basement clog may be caused when tree roots grow into a basement drain line and cause a blockage resulting in basement flooding and basement sewage backup. For the basement waste pipe to flow correctly, the sewer line will need to be unclogged.

Sometimes, the sewer line is clogged or backing up as a result of a break in the line. In this case, the sewer line will then have to be repaired or replaced.

Failed ejector pump system:

An ejector pump is a basement pump system that can force basement wastewater up and out of the basement drain line.

An ejector pump is usually located in a basement sump pit where wastewater is discharged. If the basement ejector pump doesn’t work properly, basement sewage backup will occur.

Especially following heavy rain, basement clogs may result in basement flooding.

How to prevent a basement clog?

Basement clogs can be quite a headache for homeowners and business owners. Basement clogs can lead to flooding, damage to merchandise or prized possessions, and even a halt of day-to-day business operations.

Avoid the pain by preventing a basement clog by doing the following:

To avoid a sump pump failure, install a sump pump battery backup. A battery backup will allow the sump pump to switch on automatically in case the sump pump fails or you experience a loss of power.

In addition, make sure you are checking your sump pump system periodically for any needed repairs by testing the battery backup and performing debris removal.

In doing so, you are remaining vigilant. You should quickly become aware of any needed repairs and you can ensure that the sump pump will be working efficiently during heavy rain.

To avoid a sewer clog, keep your main sewer pipes clear with routine plumbing inspections and upkeep. A sewer camera inspection is always recommended. Any backing up water in your home’s drains is a potential sign of a sewer clog. Do not ignore the problem. Find a solution as soon as possible.

Rescue plumbing

Here at Rescue Plumbing, when we get calls for basement clogs, we expect that either your main sewer is clogged or that you have a failed ejector pump system. 

The only way to find out what type of issue is causing the clog is to call us and schedule a free estimate.

If the sewer is clogged, no worries. All of our trucks are fully equipped with heavy sewer power rodding machines.

If the ejector pump has failed, that’s also not a problem. We have new pumps and drain piping to replace the ejector or sump pump. We can handle ANY BASEMENT clogs and SOLVE any of your plumbing problems.

You can reach us at (773)799-8848 and we’ll come to the rescue!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, the Rescue Team has answers.

Basement clogs have multiple potential causes such as tree roots growing into a basement drain line or a failed ejector pump. Whatever the cause, basement clogs can lead to flooding.

An ejector pump is a basement pump system that can force basement wastewater up and out of the basement drain line. An ejector pump will help prevent flooding during heavy rain.

Check your sump pump system regularly. Also, a sewer camera inspection is always recommended to see if there are any blockages so they can be resolved before you experience any flooding.


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