Are You Experiencing A Bathtub Clog?

Has your bathtub taken longer than usual to drain after you bathe? Do you hear strange gurgling noises? If so, click the button below to learn more about how we can help unclog your bathtub with ease!

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Bath Tub Clog

How do you know if you have a bathtub clog?

You notice that your bathtub drain is clogged when you hear the bathtub drain making strange gurgling noises. In addition, slow draining as you bathe is another indication that your bathtub has clogged.

Bathtub clog causes

Hair and soap scum buildup on the inside of the bathtub drainpipe is one of the most common causes of bathtub drain clogs.

Certain types of hair products may also cause clogs in a bathtub drain if they contain oils or waxes that can accumulate within the pipe leading to an eventual blockage.

How to prevent a clogged bathtub?

Having a clean bathtub free of clogs is essential for an enjoyable bath. Here are some quick tips to prevent your bathtub from clogging:

  • Avoid using hair products that contain oils or waxes that take time to break down and will cause a build-up
  • Install a mesh trap or a drain stopper in your drain to catch hair and other debris
  • Avoid the use of chemical cleaners that can corrode metal pipes and cause pipe damage and collapse

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Power Rodding

Did you know that the pipe that connects from your bathtub drain also connects to a much larger pipe?

Typically, the larger drain pipe is only ten feet away at most. The short span of pipe means that, with the proper power rodding equipment, a plumber should be able to unclog the drain in no time. 

Drum Traps

In Chicago, there are many homes or residences that are 50-150 years old. Older homes and residences have special bathtub devices called drum traps that were installed long ago. The drum traps were used in place of a P-trap install, creating a trap seal but with an extra function. 

These drum traps come with clean-out access and allow for someone to periodically clean out all of the hair. Drum traps are still in use today. 

Bathtub Clog Rescue!

One of the more frequent calls we receive here at Rescue Plumbing goes something like ‘HELP! Our bathtub has clogged!’

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, the Rescue Team has answers.

The most effective way to prevent a bathtub clog is installing a mesh trap or a drain stopper in your drain to catch hair and other debris. These measures will prevent the build-up of materials that cannot be broken down easily by water.

A drum trap is used in place of a P-trap, the drum trap creates a trap seal but with a clean-out access which allows for periodical cleaning of all the hair.

No. While drain solution can remove the clog, it will only do so temporarily. These chemical cleaners can corrode metal pipes and cause leaks and larger plumbing problems over time.


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