Do You Have A Copper Pipe Leak?

Are your pipes heavily corroded? Has the cold weather caused a burst or leak? If so, you might need our fully certified Viega ProPress fitting installers. Read below to learn more about how we can help you!

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Copper Pipe Leak

What is a Copper Pipe Leak?

Copper is a very common material in residential plumbing systems, and copper pipes can leak for many reasons.

Your copper pipe might be leaking if you have brownish-red stains on your wall or flooring near an appliance with a pilot light, such as a stovetop or oven.

What Causes a Copper Pipe Leak?

When a copper pipe is corroded it will become weak and more susceptible to breaking and then leaking.

Each of the following corrodes and wears out a copper pipe:

Chemical exposure

Copper corrodes from exposure to acidic chemicals such as the ones commonly found in toilet bowl cleaners. Liquids used to remove clogs, like Drain-O, also corrode copper pipes.

Atmospheric exposure

Copper is easily oxidized by the air around it over time. The corrosion of copper occurs when it comes into contact with oxygen or water.

Joints wear out

Joints wear out because of normal usage over time. Fittings also leak when they no longer seal the pipe from the rest of your home or from the elements.

Freezing temperatures

Copper pipe will expand and contract because of temperature changes. In the extreme cold of winter, pipes will expand as water freezes. Expansion of pipes can cause them to burst and/or leak.

Rescue Plumbing

Calls from customers who need to be rescued from copper pipe leaks are a regular occurrence for us here at Rescue Plumbing.

We specialize in repairing all sorts of leaks. We will be able to get the job done quickly and prevent you from having any further issues in the future.

Viega ProPress Certification

Rescue plumbers are fully certified Viega ProPress fitting installers.  Every plumber and apprentice has taken Viega’s certification course. 

Viega offers fittings to be used with advanced plumbing technologies. The new plumbing technology is safer for our customers because no gas or welding is required.

Rescue plumbing vans are always fully stocked with copper pipes, a pro press machine, and Viega ProPress fittings to fix any copper pipe leak.

Here at Rescue Plumbing, our goal is always customer satisfaction. We want each visitor to feel taken care of. Call (773) 799-8848 to schedule your appointment today!

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Your copper pipe might be leaking if you have brownish-red stains on your wall or flooring near an appliance with a pilot light, such as a stovetop or oven.

Copper corrodes or wears when it comes into contact with oxygen, water, or acidic chemicals.

Copper pipes will leak because of corrosion and regular use. Fluctuating temperatures can also cause copper pipes to leak or burst.


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