No Hot Water In Your Kitchen Faucet?

Is there no hot water in the kitchen faucet? But the rest of your home has hot water running? If so, read below to learn more about how we can restore hot water in your home!

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No Hot Water in Kitchen Faucet

Every so often, we get a call from a customer that says they are not getting hot water in their kitchen faucet. 

If you had hot water to your kitchen faucet before and suddenly you do not that means there is something physically obstructing water flow. 

Repercussions of galvanized steel in old homes

There are many older homes in the Chicagoland area that range from 50-150 years old. 

Many of these home’s water systems were made of galvanized steel to transmit the water throughout the home. 

We no longer install galvanized steel here in Illinois. We use copper because we have realized galvanized steel rusts and eventually leaks. 

Antiquated water systems in the Chicagoland area

There are many buildings in the Chicagoland area with old galvanized steel water systems. 

These antiquated existing water systems will release rust into the water system leading to the kitchen faucet causing a water pipe blockage. 

Hot water lines in these water systems always deteriorate much quicker than cold lines. 

Why Is There No Hot Water Coming Out of my Kitchen Faucet?

Sudden clogs in the hot water line to the kitchen faucet can occur in the water pipe, the supply line to the kitchen faucet, and/or the kitchen faucet cartridge.

Most common causes and solutions:

  • A cartridge replacement to the kitchen faucet can fix your no hot water issue. 
  • The faucet can be clogged which usually must be replaced. 
  • Occasionally, we have to shut down hot water to the unit to change the hot water shut off and blow out the line. 
  • In some extreme cases, the deteriorated piping will be beyond repair and require a full replacement. 

Whatever the issue, Rescue Plumbing will come to your rescue when you have no hot water in your kitchen faucet.

Rescue Plumbing: The Hot Answer To All Your Plumbing Needs

If your kitchen faucet is giving you a cold shoulder, don’t worry. You aren’t the only one who has been there before.

It could be as simple as a cartridge that needs to be replaced or it might need more extensive plumbing work.

Whatever the cause of the problem, the team at Rescue Plumbing will diagnose and fix your issue ASAP so you can get back to cooking dinner for friends and family in no time!

Contact us today by phone (773) 799-8848 or email at and we’ll answer all of your burning questions right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, the Rescue Team has answers.

A cartridge can be found in faucets such as those in your bath, shower, and sinks. It will turn on and off as well as give you the ability to adjust water temperature from hot or cold.

There are multiple explanations of which include a worn cartridge or the water line pipping has deteriorated.

Steel piping will rust causing a water pipe blockage, stopping the flow of hot water lines.


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