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Clogged Drain | Ranch Triangle Chicago IL

Project Details

Plumbing Problem:
Clogged Drain
Plumbing Solution:
Drain Cleaning
Service Category: Water Leak
Service Type: Residential
Service Location: Ranch Triangle
Area of Service: 60614

We’re Here to Solve Any Plumbing Emergency

Rescue Plumbing is a trusted Chicagoland service that specializes in handling various types of leaks, providing prompt and efficient repair services to prevent damage to your plumbing system and ensure the safety of residential and commercial properties.

With experienced plumbers and a commitment to professionalism, we quickly respond to emergencies and offer upfront pricing on comprehensive leak repair solutions throughout Chicago, like the Ranch Triangle area!

Exceptional Service Evaluating Your Plumbing System

A concerned customer called Rescue Plumbing to report a significant basement leak. They noticed water seeping in from a crack in the foundation, causing damage to their belongings and posing a potential threat to their home’s structural integrity.

Our team immediately dispatched qualified plumbers to assess the situation and provide prompt assistance. Rest assured, we are dedicated to resolving this plumbing issue and ensuring our customer’s peace of mind.

Clogged Drain Needs Immediate Drain Cleaning Services

The professional technician arrived at the residence and conducted a thorough inspection of the homeowners’ plumbing system for leaks. During the inspection, it was discovered that the basement utility drain was clogged, resulting in an overflow caused by the furnace/AC unit draining water into the clogged drain. Upon further investigation, the plumber observed the drain to be covered in spray insulation.

Your Plumbing Problems Put to Rest

To address the clog, the plumber began to remove the insulation and found two rubber plugs in the drain. The plumber used a high-powered shop-VAC to remove a heavy amount of sludge from the drain. The shop-VAC is an industrial vacuum that can remove dry and wet materials.

After the drain cleaning, the plumber tested the drain by running water to make sure the drain was working properly. The homeowners expressed great satisfaction with the service provided.

If you need services with your bathroom sink, garbage disposal, or even slow drains, be sure to call us at, 773-799-8848, for your free estimate today!

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