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Yes, we have insurance. We can provide you with our general certificate of insurance we have used for the state of Illinois or the city of Chicago.

Many condo associations and high-rise buildings, and the occasional commercial properties require specific insurance documents for professional plumbing companies to work in their buildings (especially for renovation projects). After we provide you with an estimate and you agree, we can move forward with getting you a specific certificate of insurance.

Many buildings and condo associations have a form that states what specific verbiage they require on their certificate of insurance for us to work on their plumbing system. We need you to email us that form with those requirements so we can forward it to our insurance agent.

Usually, this is sent back to us on the same day as long as it is done during regular business hours. Then we email it out to you.

Plumbing Services are services rendered to your plumbing system so that it may continue to work at optimum performance.

Rescue Plumbing is a full-service 24 hour plumbing company. Plumbing services are different than new construction plumbing.

Rescue Plumbing focuses on maintaining your plumbing system, which falls under the category of plumbing services rather than new construction.

Plumbing services include a licensed plumber and a licensed apprentice arriving at your property in a fully stocked plumbing van to complete any plumbing service job.

When a plumber from Rescue Plumbing arrives at your property for a plumbing service, he assesses the plumbing issue and gives you a verbal estimate. If you approve the estimate, the plumber will complete the plumbing service then and there.

The hourly rate for a plumber can range from $185 per hour to $1000 per hour depending on the type of equipment the plumber uses and how many plumbers are on the job site.

Rescue Plumbing gives free in-person verbal estimates by a licensed plumber. We do not charge an hourly rate but give an all-inclusive flat upfront pricing with no hidden fees.

The plumbers at Rescue Plumbing are seasoned veterans and have been doing plumbing for over 30 years. These plumbers have the experience that allows them to complete a plumbing job much quicker than other less experienced plumbers.

Rescue Plumbing knows you want us out of your home as quickly as possible, which is why we only send the best plumbers. We work fast and efficiently so that we are in and out of your home, and you can continue doing the things you love.

Here are types of plumbing services:

Clog removal plumbing services:

Basement clog, bathtub clog, catch basin clog, floor drain clog, garbage disposal clog, kitchen sink clog, laundry sink clog, sewer clog, shower clog, and toilet clog repair services.

Leak repair plumbing services:

Basement leak, bathroom sink leak, bathtub leak, booster pump leak, burst pipe leak, copper pipe leak, garbage disposal leak, kitchen faucet leak, kitchen sink leak, leak between units, refrigerator line leak, shower leak, toilet leak, and water heater leak repair services.

Hot water repair plumbing services:

Bathroom faucet hot water repair, bathtub faucet hot water repair, kitchen faucet hot water repair, shower hot water, and whole house hot water repair services.

Yes! We provide same-day plumbing services throughout the Chicagoland area. We strive to get our licensed plumbers out to you as quickly as possible. So they can complete the job in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price.

On some occasions, such as heavy rain days or when it’s freezing outside, we do get booked quite quickly. So please call us as soon as possible to reserve your appointment, (773) 799-8848.

From the moment you call Rescue Plumbing, we assign the job to a licensed plumber and a licensed apprentice plumber.

Our knowledgeable plumbers will arrive in a fully stocked plumbing service van and assess the plumbing problem then give you an estimate for the repair or installation.

(Note: we are happy to provide free verbal estimates onsite from Monday through Saturday, 9:00am – 5:00pm.)
If you agree to the plumber’s initial quote, they will begin to repair your plumbing problem then and there. If you don’t want to agree to the plumber’s estimated cost yet, no problem! Our expert plumbers will leave for a new plumbing job, and hope to hear from you in the future!

Yes, we have an Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Plumbing Contractors License and we also have a Chicago Plumbing Contractors License. Other license credentials are listed below:

🔧 Illinois Department of Public Health Plumbing Contractors License: #055-044523

🔧 City of Chicago Department of Buildings Plumber Contractor’s License: #SBC198284

🔧 City of Chicago Department of Water Management Sewer and Drain License #2924

🔧 Department of Building & Zoning of Cook County Plumbing Contractors Registration: #055193

🔧 Illinois EPA Division of Public Water Cross-Connection Control Device Inspector License: #058-198284 XC5737

🔧 Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification Registration: #63723176

🔧 City of Evanston Plumbing Contractors License: #20LIPL-0027

🔧 Village of Morton Grove Plumbing Contractors License PC21-0009

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