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Clogged drains are always a pain! Whether your sink is experiencing slow draining or backup wastewater, our Rescue Plumbers can save you from a clogged drain!

Read our professional plumber’s expert advice on what you should do if you have a drain clog.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. We provide routine maintenance, plumbing repairs, and drain cleaning. Schedule service with our qualified technicians.

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Rescue Plumbing clears clogged drains
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A drain clog can occur in kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, or even shower drains. A clog can occur throughout your home’s drain pipes.

Some clogs are close to the drain opening, while others can be deep within the pipes or sewer. When your sink is backed up, it’s easy to tell you have a clog, however, sometimes the signs are more subtle.

  • Water pools in the drain pipe instead of draining
  • When you pour water into the drain you hear gurgling and popping noises
  • Water backs up into the sink without having run water
  • Gurgling noises coming from pipes within your walls
  • Foul smells coming from the drain

If you notice any of these signs, your home may be a clogged drain! A clogged drain can really affect your daily routines.

Our professional plumber has some tips and tricks to fix clogged drains!

There are many different methods to unclog drains and plenty of products offering miracle solutions.

When you have a clogged drain, don’t forget to put a bucket underneath the sink trap to catch any leaking water coming from the trap arm! Sometimes the pressure of a clog can cause a leak. Remember, a lot of sinks come with an overflow hole which can help remove some of the water.

We recommend using some easy DIY methods that won’t wreak havoc on your pipes.

Boiling Water

A simple method to fix a clogged drain is pouring boiling water down the drain.

If you have a kitchen sink clog, it is most likely due to a build-up of grease or other food particles like egg shells or other debris.

Boiling water helps to loosen the debris and send it down the drain pipe!

For this method, slowly pour boiling water down the drain and wait. You may need to do this a couple of times with the hot water.

Make sure it is hot water and not just warm water. The heat helps dissolve the grease.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

If the hot water method doesn’t work for you, mixing baking soda and vinegar creates a reaction that acts as a powerful drain cleaner without the caustic chemicals!

This natural drain cleaner can be achieved, simply by mixing vinegar and baking soda then pouring it down the drain.

It’s important to pour it soon after mixing them that way the reaction occurs within the pipes.

Let the mixture sit in the drain system for about 15 minutes, then pour hot water until the drains free of the baking soda mixture and any of the clog material.

Note: It needs to be baking soda and white vinegar to create this reaction. Using a different vinegar or just baking soda alone won’t work. Baking soda and vinegar react together to create sodium bicarbonate.

These methods work especially well for clogs that are caused by grease, soap scum, and other oils.

Many types of dish soaps, body washes, and other products have animal fats in them that can collect inside your home’s pipes. If your home experiences frequent clogs, we recommend reading your product labels to check for insoluble fats and grease.

Physical Clogs

When you have a clogged drain, it could be due to a physical blockage of hair, food particles, and other debris. These types of clogs can occur in your home’s garbage disposal, kitchen sink, or even a bathroom sink!

These locations are especially prone due to the materials that go down the drain, like food, hair, and soap scum.

Drain Snake

These clogs cannot be fixed with chemical-based drain cleaners, we recommend using a drain snake.

Drain snakes can reach into your sink drains and remove any physical clog. It’s important you use a plumber’s snake that you can buy from any local hardware store. Using a wire coat hanger risks damage to your pipes or the p trap.

It’s important to note that sometimes a drain snake is unable to go deep enough to reach a clog. Especially, if the build-up is past the p trap in your sink.


Sometimes with physical clogs, adding pressure to the pipes can release the blockage. A plunger can work on a drain opening similar to a toilet!

Simply, place the plunger around the opening of the drain. Make sure that it is fully around it, press down to create a seal.

Pump the plunger up and down to add pressure to the system, you should feel the pressure release once the clog is gone.

To the Rescue!

If you’ve tried these methods and you still have a clogged drain, call Rescue Plumbing! (773) 799-8848. Our professional plumbers can unclog a drain in no time!

A professional drain cleaning can effectively remove any clog! We have professional-grade equipment to clear a clogged sink or drain.

Our plumbers perform a diagnostic to find the clog and treat it effectively. Whether it’s deep in your kitchen sink drains or in the trap arm, we have the hydro jetter or power rod machine to clear it.

Call our friendly staff today to start your drain cleaning (773) 799-8848!

At Rescue Plumbing, our mission is to set up plumbing systems that function efficiently and effectively.

To keep your home’s plumbing running, we recommend regular drain cleaning so your pipes don’t develop clogs.

In order to prevent kitchen sink clogs, install a drain stopper to catch any food debris before it enters the pipe! Be careful with paper products as well, avoid flushing paper towels in the toilet or other paper products that soak up liquid like wipes or feminine products.

Clean drains keep your plumbing system functional, clogs or even partial blockages can cause damage over time.

Some simple tips to keep your sink drain clear:

  • Pour boiling water down the drain
  • Routinely use a drain snake on your bathroom sink and bathtub drain to remove any hair
  • Avoid putting anything in your drain that can lead to a clog

These maintenance tips can be performed by anyone! Our plumbers are also happy to provide routine maintenance to your plumbing system!

Our plumbers have extensive experience removing clogs from all types of pipes! Whether a few inches in a drain or a few feet into a sewer, Rescue Plumbing has the tools and training to remove the blockage right away! Call our friendly staff today! (773) 799-8848

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There are many different ways you can clear a clogged drain! There are at-home remedies like hot water, baking soda and vinegar, and a drain snake. If that doesn’t work, then you can call a professional! Rescue Plumbing has professional industrial tools like a hydro-jetter drain cleaning machine and a heavy duty power rodding machine to tackle the toughest drain clogs.

The most powerful drain clog remover is a high pressure hydro jetting machine. Rescue Plumbing has multiple different industrial drain clog remover machines at their disposal to address all sorts of clogs.

If you are looking for a powerful chemical based clog remover we strong advise against using any chemical to remove a clog. Chemical clog removers will damage and corrode the pipes. Further, using chemical clog removers can be hazardous to ones health they release chemical fumes that can damage a persons lungs.



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