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Grease-Filled Kitchen Drain Line Leads to Pipe Replacement in Chicago Home

It is important to maintain the drainage pipes of your home by avoiding pouring grease into the plumbing systems. A homeowner in Belmont Gardens found themselves with a clogged drain line, they knew they needed to call in a licensed plumbing contractor at Rescue Plumbing who would know exactly what to do!

Emergency Plumbing Service Needed for Trapped Grease

Upon arrival at the Belmont Gardens home, our licensed plumber found a drainage pipe filled with trapped grease. When he tried to clean the pipe, he found that he could not access part of it because it was buried underground.

Wrong Size Drain Pipes

Our plumbers reviewed the kitchen drain pipe and saw that the part above ground was two inches wide and the part below ground was four inches wide. Our plumbers’ tool could only clear through the two inch pipe, this would not be able to clear the four inch pipe underground. The Illinois Plumbing Code states that the entrance to clean out a pipe must be the same size as the pipe itself.

Residential Plumbing Service Pipe Replacement

The plumbers broke down the concrete covering the four-inch underground pipe and replaced it with a new four-inch pipe that is compliant with the Illinois Plumbing Code. Repairs were made to the floor by filling the trench with concrete. It is not always clear when you may need a drain line replacement or repair but our professionals are happy to assist with a free estimate! Give our friendly staff a call at, (773) 799-8848 for any other plumbing needs such as a water heater repair or leak repair!

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