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Clogged Drainage Pipe

This customer noticed a large pooling of water right next to their gutter drain after it rained for the first time in the year. When we inspected their gutter drain, we discovered that many leaves and tree roots were obstructing the flow of water. Similar to a sewer line, roots and dirt can clog other drain lines. Our technicians are sewer and drain service experts. We have the tools to perform drain rodding and hydro jetting plumbing services!

Plumbing Services in Berwyn, IL

Gutter and sewer drain lines are essential to the health of your home. Gutter drain lines handle a large amount of water that falls on your home’s roof. When it rains or when snow begins to melt, all of the water is funneled into a gutter. The gutter is then attached to the main sewer line. The purpose of these drain connections is to divert water away from your home’s foundation. Our experienced plumbers provide professional drain cleaning to get your home’s drains running smoothly.

Pipe Plumbing Problems

The gutter drain line, in this case, drained far into the front yard. If a concrete foundation is saturated with water for a long enough period, the concrete will eventually become damaged. Routinely check for broken pipes or sewer lines that could be leaking. Keeping the foundation’s exterior as dry as possible is critical!

Drain Cleaning Services

To remove all the leaves and tree roots from the gutter drain, we had to use an industrial power rodding machine. We repeated the process several times while running water to clear the pipe of any obstructions. To ensure that water is directed away from your foundation, it is highly recommended to routinely clean your gutters and gutter drains. Rescue Plumbing is available for all your plumbing needs like water heater repair, hydro jetting, or power rodding!

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