Drain clog near south side chicago

Drain Clog | Near South Side Chicago

Clogged Drain Backs Up Floor Drains in Chicago, Il Restaurant

Near South Side, Chicago, Il our expert plumber was called to a restaurant experiencing a sewage backup through the floor drains. The floor drains were not the only plumbing issue, the staff was unable to use the garbage disposal due to a kitchen sink clog. Our team quickly made their way to the free estimate to offer our plumbing services.

Clogged Drains Create Plumbing Problems for a Restaurant

Our professional plumber was ready clear this backup in the floor drains. All of our plumbers are experts in plumbing services like sump pump repair or clogged sewer line repair. Upon arrival, our experts realized that the real problem was the restaurant had not had proper maintenance of the drainage system. Drain cleaning should be performed regularly to prevent emergency services or broken pipes.

Plumbing System Diagnosis

After diagnosing the plumbing problems, our local plumber found that the grease basin, also known as the grease trap, had accumulated too much grease. The grease was causing a clog in the drain line requiring plumbing repair to the grease basin. To remove the grease, an in-depth drain cleaning was needed!

Drain Cleaning Services

After locating the plumbing problem, our team was ready to fix this drain clog near South Side Chicago. We serviced the grease trap by removing all of the grease, as well as power rodding all the clogged drains. After our repair service, all the drains were operating perfectly. Give us a call to schedule your free estimate for drain cleaning today!

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