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Water Purification

Purify Your Drinking Water

The tap water running through your home is full of minerals, chemicals, and other pollutants. A water purification system will remove dangerous pollutants so you can have pure water.


Why Your Home Needs Water Treatment

  • Remove impurities, odors, and heavy minerals with a water filtration system, and enjoy pure, great-tasting water.
  • A purification system protects your plumbing from hard water and sediments. Get longer-lasting plumbing with a softener.
  • Protect your health from harmful chemicals with a water filtration system. Clean, safe water from every faucet.
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Water filtration system

Enjoy Your Water With a Purification System

Water filtration systems provide many benefits to homeowners in Chicago, IL, including better drinking water quality, appliance protection, and better hygiene. By filtering out impurities, water filters can significantly improve the taste, odor, and color of tap water. Not only does this make it much more enjoyable to drink, but it also protects your health!

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Water purification and softening

Water Softener Systems

Chicago Hard Water Solutions

Don’t let hard water dry out your hair and skin, clog up your plumbing appliances, and cause limescale buildup! A water softener is installed at the entry point of your water supply so your whole house is supplied with crisp, clear water. Our experts can help you find the best solution for your home’s water.

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Water Facts

Learn More About Contaminants in Your Water

If your water has odors, discoloration, or a bad taste, you likely have chemicals, metals like lead and copper, and even chlorine in your tap water. However, not every contaminant coming from your kitchen sink can be detected. Our water quality experts explain the types of water pollutants found in Chicago, IL.

PFAS chemicals found in water testing around Chicago, IL

Forever Chemicals

PFAS or ‘forever chemicals’ are found in many drinking water sources. Research has linked them to a range of health problems.

Lead in Chicago pipes contaminate drinking water


Lead contamination in drinking water causes serious health issues. High-quality water filters can remove it from your water.

Chlorine to treat bateria in water effects Chicago customers


Chlorine is added to municipal water to kill bacteria, but the chemical isn’t removed before it gets to your kitchen sink.

hard water deteriorate plumbing systems

Hard Water

In Chicago and the surrounding area, we have hard water. Hard water cause damage to skin, hair, and plumbing appliances.

Healthy Water for a Healthy Environment

Protect your Health | Protect the Planet

crystal clear water straight from the kitchen sink

Fresh Water Guarantee

Clean, safe water is a human right. A water filtration system will ensure your water is healthy.

filter systems replace bottled water

Reduce Plastic Use

Fewer plastic bottles are used due to the great-tasting filtered water straight from the tap.

reverse osmosis was purification systems improve quality without waste

High-Efficiency Water Filters

Little to no water is wasted due to high-efficiency water purification systems.

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