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Water Leak Detection and Repair

Do you have water stains on your ceiling or walls? Is there rust around pipes, faucets, or drains? If the answer is yes, you might be dealing with sneaky plumbing leaks, capable of causing significant damage if left unattended.

Rescue Plumbing offers commercial and residential leak detection services, backed by our team of experienced and licensed professionals. Utilizing the latest technology, we can accurately locate and efficiently repair any hidden leaks, minimizing disruption and preventing further damage to your property.

Water Leak Detection Services

Our professional plumber team, licensed and ready to rescue you, is trained to repair leaks with minimum disruption to your home.

Water Leak Service

Water Leak Repair Sub-Services

Our team is proficient in detecting leaks in any part of your plumbing system, from faucets to water heaters, ensuring no issue goes unnoticed and is promptly addressed to prevent further damage.

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Bathroom Faucet Leak

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Bathtub Faucet Leak

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Burst Pipe Leak

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Garbage Disposal Leak

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Kitchen Sink Leak

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Leak Between Units

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Shower Leak

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Toilet Leak

Efficient Plumbing Solutions

Water Leak Services

If you detect leaking pipes in your home, it’s crucial to call a professional plumbing company to minimize additional damage and safeguard your home.

Plumbing Services

From leaking water heaters to sump pump flooding, our team of skilled plumbers is always ready to handle any plumbing emergency that comes our way. Rescue Plumbing takes great pride in offering free verbal estimates for all our plumbing services.

Your Local Heroes

With expertise and commitment to excellence, Rescue Plumbing is the top provider of plumbing services for Chicago residents. Our dedication to quality work and customer satisfaction has made us the go-to choice for reliable plumbing solutions.

Professional Leak Detection

Uncovering potential leaks can be as simple as listening to water dripping or tracing water damage location spots on drywall. However, certain leaks may require the expertise of professional leak detection. Rest assured, our team is highly skilled in leak detection.

Efficient Leak Inspection

Even small leaks can escalate into significant water damage issues if left unchecked, leading to costly repairs and potential water damage to your property. Reach out to our professional plumbing company today for fast detection and effective solutions!

Leaking Pipe Plumbing Repair

While DIY fixes may provide temporary relief, why settle for anything less than a permanent solution? At Rescue Plumbing, we specialize in providing long-lasting remedies for leaks. Trust the professionals to take care of it for you.

Go-To Dependable Solutions

A leaking water pipe can quickly transform from a minor nuisance to a major headache if not quickly and accurately addressed. Ignoring such issues can lead to severe damage and a significant disruption to your daily routine.

Water Leaks

If you identify mold on the walls, watermarks on the ceiling, or notice a musty smell, chances are you have a leak. Leaks can happen for several reasons like worn-out pipes, stubborn clogs, or freezing pipes from winter water usage.

Emergency Leak Service

Water leaks pose a daunting challenge for any homeowner, potentially leading to serious damage and high water bills. They can also promote the growth of mold and mildew from moisture, compromising indoor air quality and posing health risks to occupants.

Hidden Water Leak

Don’t overlook the significance of conducting regular inspections. A hidden water leak can catch you off guard – a water heater seeping gallons of water from the bottom, a faucet dripping beneath the bathroom sink, or even a toilet leaking from the tank.

Safeguard Your House

With years of dedicated service to our community, Rescue Plumbing has built a reputation for accurately detecting and swiftly repairing hidden leaks. Stay one step ahead with an annual inspection and save yourself from costly repairs!

Plumbing Repair

Our team of skilled and experienced plumbers is here to lend a helping hand with all your water leakage needs. Reach out to us today, and we’ll be delighted to provide quality assistance and ensure your plumbing concerns are addressed with care!

Repair Plumbing Fixtures

From tackling pesky leaks and installing water heaters to handling burst pipes, our expert plumbers have got you covered. Have a leaking toilet? Not a problem for our skilled team serving the city of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs!

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Every plumber at Rescue Plumbing is highly trained and experienced. Our experts have 10 years or more of hands-on experience.

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We guarantee that every technician sent to your home is a licensed plumber with years of experience. We are ready to provide 24/7 plumbing service whenever you may need it.

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Water Leak Inquiries

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, The Rescue Team has answers!

When you discover a water leak in your home, here are some steps to take:

  • Shut off the main water supply for water testing: The first and most crucial step is to turn off the main water supply to your home. This will prevent property damage from escalating and protect water from entering.
  • Check for any electrical hazards: If the leak is near an electrical outlet or appliance, turn off the power to that area.
  • Contact a professional plumbing company: It’s essential to call a licensed plumber as soon as possible to address the issue. They have the expertise and thermal imaging tools to locate and repair the leak effectively.

Rescue Plumbing offers leak inspections, a visual inspection, and a manual examination of pipes by one of our professional plumbers, which is set at a flat rate of $125.00.

Determining the source of water leakage can be tricky, especially if it’s hidden. Some signs that can help you pinpoint the location of a leak include:

  • Water stains on walls and ceilings
  • Damp or musty odors
  • Mold or mildew growth
  • Unexplained high water bills

The cost of fixing water leakage can vary depending on the severity and location of the leak. Minor leaks usually require simple repairs, while major leaks may be more expensive. It’s best to contact a plumbing professional for an accurate estimate.

Our base charge for a surface-level leak investigation, which includes a visual inspection and manual examination of pipes by one of our plumbers, is $125.00.

If this initial investigation is insufficient to determine the source of the leak, a more thorough, invasive examination may be required. This in-depth inspection will cost more than the first $125.00 fee. The on-site plumber will provide an updated quote for this more in-depth study as needed.