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Have water stains appeared on your ceiling or walls? Is there rusting around pipes, faucets, or drains? If so, you likely have a water leak, which can be a serious problem if not repaired in time.

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You have questions, The Rescue Team has answers. Learn more about your plumbing system below!

There’s never really an opportune time for water leaks to occur. Leaks can form when you’re in the shower, when you’re doing the laundry or dishes, or when family members are sleeping.

And water leaks can be especially problematic. If water is leaking inside your home at night, it’s often difficult to detect the exact location without proper illumination.

Rescue Plumbing specializes in emergency repairs, that’s why we have a licensed plumber available on an emergency basis to serve you. We tell customers not to wait to begin calling us. Call today (773) 799-8848!

When We Come to Inspect

When we come out to inspect leaks for customers, there’s usually water damage already present. As leaks persist in your home, water can become contaminated with bacteria and mold.

So not only is water damaging your home aesthetically, it may be hurting how you feel physically if water has been seeping around an area where family members sleep or relax.

The Benefit of Home Owner’s or Renter’s Insurance

Luckily, homeowner or renter’s insurance will cover Rescue Plumbing getting to the leak. Typically insurance will not cover the actual plumbing repair. You may not be out a lot of money for repairing your leaks as a result.

When we come to your home or business, we will give you a full verbal report on how best to tackle your leaks. Call today at (773) 799-8848 for your free verbal estimate and report.

Your water meter is easily checked to see if there are any leaks present. You will see water running on the water meter when all of the water is turned off in the house if you have a leak.

Where Do I Find My Water Meter?

People often do not know where their water meter is located. Water meters are usually located inside your home, connected to the water outlet pipes in the basement or crawl space.

Other water meters sit outside in a meter box and measure the amount of usage with a remote device, usually next to the exterior gas line.

Your water utility company is responsible for maintaining your water meter and will let you know if they replace the meter or update it with a remote meter.

Many people think a trip to a local hardware store is all they need to fix a leak. In some cases, they may save money with a short-term fix by replacing a hose, seal, or valve.

However, leaks need to be fixed properly with the right materials.

Rescue Plumbing also has the experience to prevent problem areas from becoming leaks that most homeowners can’t predict. When you fix thousands of leaks a year you get a good eye on how to prevent them.

If you want peace of mind because you’re not sure of the valve, hose, seal, or repair you need, call us!

Want to ensure your house is leak and worry-free for the foreseeable future, call a licensed plumber at Rescue Plumbing. (773) 799-8848.

A toilet in our experience is the most common household plumbing system that will fail. The reason is a toilet, toilet tank, and toilet bowl all hold water and move waste 24/7.

Each valve and flapper valve for your toilet will also control water flow for your toilet. If the flapper valve wears out or the water valve to the toilet is loose, your toilet will leak.

How To Find Leaks in Your Toilet

If you are wondering if your toilet is leaking, the first step is to check your water meter. A water meter will tell you if your water efficiency is non-optimal. However, often just listening may be a good indication. If you hear something without a flush, you have a leak.

Visual Toilet Tank Test with Food Coloring

If you see your water meter indicating leaks but you cannot find anything, do a test. First, fill the toilet tank. Then try dropping food coloring into the tank.

If you notice the color flow into your toilet bowl over an hour (or longer than an hour without a flush), water is leaking. That means wastewater is leaking where you don’t want it to go.

Also, check to see if you see a drop of water on your valve below the tank. Depending on your situation you may need a replacement for your valve or toilet or call Rescue Plumbing to have it fixed! (773) 799-8848.

Faucets or showers are the second most areas prone to leaks. With faucet, you will frequently see a drip near the faucet or in the cabinet underneath the sink and faucet. Leaks in your shower, water damage may be present for you to notice with time.

To avoid damage to your cabinets, floors, walls, or ceilings be sure to inspect them for leaks and call us if you find one. A Rescue Plumber licensed plumber will be there to help you right away! (773) 799-8848.

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You have questions, the Rescue Team has answers.

If you have a water leak the first thing you should always do is turn off the main water supply to prevent water damage. Then you clean up the water.

If you are a DIYer you will have to turn on the water supply again to determine where the water leak is coming from. This will probably involve the leak getting things wet again so be prepared. After you determine where the water leak is coming from you create a plan of action to fix it.

An example would be, when you turned the water on you saw the water leaking out of the toilet supply line. Turn the water back off, then replace the toilet supply line, turn the water back on, and the job is complete water leak fixed.

The way you can tell where a water leak is coming from is by conducting a water leak investigation or diagnostic. How you conduct a water leak diagnostic is by isolating plumbing fixtures systematically to recreate the leak. Recreating the leak will give you the location of the leak.

The most common leaks are between floors and the above floor is a bathroom. To isolate a leak coming from the bathroom above you would have to;

run the lavatory sink cold water,

then run the lavatory sink hot water,

then fill the lavatory sink to check the sink overflow

then flush the toilet

then run the bathtub

then fill the bathtub to check the overflow

then run the shower

All these steps have to be done individually completed while checking the floor below to see which step made it recreate the leak. After the leak is recreated you will know where the leak is coming from.

Whoever owns the property is responsible for a leak on their property. If you are a residential renter and accidentally broke a pipe causing a leak you should take responsibility for fixing the leak.

If you are in a commercial property and renting most of the time if you have a leak in the space you are renting you will be responsible.

Many things can cause a water leak. The most common cause of a water leak is age. Old plumbing materials and old moving plumbing parts will eventually wear out. Examples;

Old galvanized pipes corrode and will eventually leak that is why we no longer install that type of pipe here in Illinois.

Toilets leak because the moving parts of the toilet eventually wear out.

Kitchen faucets leak because the moving parts inside wear out and leak

Shower tub faucets wear out over time because of the moving parts inside the faucets.

Everything in life eventually wears out your plumbing system is no different and that is why it leaks.



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