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Pipe Repair | Oakbrook Terrace Illinois

Plumbing Services Needed for Ceiling Leak in Oakbrook Terrace, IL

Rescue Plumbing’s licensed plumbers responded to a service call about a pipe repair needed in Oakbrook Terrace IL. They were able to provide a fix in a professional and timely fashion to help the customer avoid a plumbing emergency.

Commercial Plumbing Services Needed 

A customer called to request plumbing services for a leaking ceiling in their Oakbrook Terrace building. For every service call our team comes fully prepared with equipment needed for any plumbing issue whether it’s a sewer line repair, drain cleaning or even a water heater repair.

Customer Needed Drain Connections Repaired 

Once our plumbers arrived in Oakbrook Terrace IL, they immediately began to examine the plumbing issue at hand. Our service technician verified that the plumbing issue was due to a leaking pipe in the ceiling underneath the bathroom. To avoid a plumbing emergency, our plumbers began the plumbing repair same day. 

They found that the piping below the tub, p-trap, and overflow all needed to be replaced, which is exactly what our team of professionals did! 

Our Licensed Plumbers Installed A New System

During the repair, the plumbers connected new 2” PVC pipes and a new p-trap which is a specific pipe responsible for preventing sewage gas from entering the room. They also replaced the overflow which prevents the water from pooling and directs it back down the drain.. 

Once the plumbing repair was complete, the plumbing system was tested by running the water and checking for leaks. Our team ensured that the customer’s plumbing was operating properly and verified the leak had been fixed, ensuring the plumbing job was complete!

The next time you require plumbing and sewer services in Oakbrook Terrace or Chicago, call Rescue Plumbing for our quality work and knowledgeable plumbers!

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