West Loop Plumber Chicago Burst Pipe Repair

Repairing Burst Pipes in West Town Chicago


Recently, we completed a residential plumbing job in the West Loop Neighborhood of Chicago.  The customer called us frantically in the early morning hours.  He said he just returned from a trip and there was water gushing out of the walls!  Luckily, we had a plumber ready at the office. 

Walking into Waist-Deep Water

The plumber arrived at the location 30 minutes after to discover four feet of water in the basement.  The plumber had to walk into waste deep water to turn the water main off.  The burst pipes ran for a long time, filling the basement with water.  Furthermore, the floor drains were clogged.  First, we had to unblock the floor drains in 4 feet of water just to start the burst pipe repairs.  We creatively power rodded the floor drains successfully emptying the basement of water. 

24 Burst Pipes, to Be Exact

This job took us a full 12 hours with 3 plumbers opening walls, cutting two-by-fours, joists and repairing 24 burst pipes.  To the Rescue! We had their water back on the same day.  There was only one tenant on the top floor that was able to take a hot shower that evening.

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