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Emergency Plumbers in Edgewater Fixing Burst Pipes

Pipes can burst for a variety off reasons.  But sometimes, they just happen.  What we know for certain, is it always seems like pipes burst at the worst times, like at night or on the weekend. Recently, we fixed a burst hot water pipe in the Edgewater neighborhood in Chicago.

How Many Burst Pipes?

To say we only fixed one burst pipe would be misleading. This time, we found 4 burst pipes inside the walls.

Luckily, for experienced plumbers like us at Rescue Plumbing, burst pipes are easier to fix than they are inconvenient and annoying.

After we thoroughly located all of the breaches, we repaired the pipes.  The customer was very happy to have a warm shower that night.

Chicago Plumbers Offering Free Estimates

Whether it’s residential or commercial plumbing, Rescue Plumbing can handle it.  We like to say, “Anything Plumbing, We Can Rescue!”

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