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Burst Pipe | South Barrington Illinois

Urgent Plumbing Services Needed Early Morning in South Barrington Illinois

Burst pipes can happen for reasons that most homeowners are not aware of. Clogged drains, high water pressure, frozen pipes, harsh chemicals in water, age of pipes or even poor installation can cause bursts and leaks. No matter the reason, our team of plumbing professionals at Rescue Plumbing are able to repair and provide free estimates for your leaking or burst pipes!

Pipe Leak Between Two Floors

Early in the morning a customer called about a bad pipe leak in between their first and second floor of their home in South Barrington IL. We immediately dispatched our licensed plumbers to their home to fix the leak before structural damage, standing water or other associated damages could occur.

Burst Pipe in Kitchen Wall

Upon arrival to the customers house, our plumbers opened up the wall in order to reach the leak. They discovered that the ½” water supply copper pipe going into the kitchen had burst and needed immediate repair. 

Safe Plumbing Service Performed by Our Licensed Plumbers

Our team was able to fix the burst pipe fast and safely by replacing the leaking section of copper pipe using ProPress tools and fittings. Oftentimes pipes are fixed using a method called soldering which is the process of joining two metals together with another melted metal mix. This process produces harmful toxic fumes and chemicals and cannot be performed while water is present.

Our plumbers are trained to use ProPress tools rather than soldering because this equipment does not produce any toxic chemicals, heat, and works on wet surfaces, so they can safely and efficiently repair the leak.

After the pipe had been repaired, our plumbers tested the pipe to confirm that the burst pipe had been repaired properly. The South Barrington homeowners were relieved the burst pipe was fixed in a timely and safe manner.

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