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Water Leak | Crystal Lake Illinois

Home Leak Prevention

It is important to inspect your home for leaks on a regular basis. A water heater may leak from the bottom without warning, a faucet may drip from under the bathroom sink, a toilet or even the refrigerator could be leaking down to your basement. An annual leak detection could save you costly repairs! Our plumbers are experts in water leak repairs!

Water Leak Damage

A Crystal Lake customer requested a leak detection service after noticing discoloration in the bathroom ceiling in their basement. Some signs of water leaks include: an increase of moisture or mildew on walls, floors, or ceilings; unexpected increases in the water bill and the sound of dripping water when there are no running plumbing systems on.

Leak Detection Services

Our Crystal Lake plumber inspected the kitchen that was directly above the bathroom. After a thorough investigation of the dishwasher drains, kitchen sinks and refrigerator, our experts discovered internal parts of the refrigerator were causing a leak. 

Professional Plumbing Services

During the leak inspection, our plumbers also determined that the kitchen sink was draining very slowly, and recommended the drain line to be cleaned. We performed drain cleaning on the island kitchen sink, going down nearly 40 feet, the drain line was filled with sludge. With the leak repaired and a drain unclogged our team left this Crystal Lake homeowner with great plumbing! Our plumbers have extensive plumbing service with all types of plumbing problems!

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