How to: Fix a Clogged Drain

It’s no secret that clogged drains can be frustrating to deal with on your own. They can inhibit water from properly expelling from a shower, toilet, or sink, which can lead to more damage and costly repairs. Having debris or objects lodge in a drain can cause a backup to occur. If your clogged drain cannot be easily fixed, enlist the help of Rescue Plumbing’s plumbers near Wrigleyville.

A Plunger

When your toilet becomes clogged, grabbing a plunger could be the best and simplest solution. What most people don’t realize is that plungers can also be used to unclog sinks, bathtubs, and showers as well. Plungers are designed to help dislodge debris in a pipe by repeatedly sucking and pushing water into the drain. There are different plungers that can be used for certain drains. There are even small plungers that can be purchased to help unclog your sink and shower. If you need help finding the right plunging products for your home, our team is happy to help.

A Drain Snake

A drain snake is an apparatus that is inserted into the drain and then pulled out to remove built-up debris. The drain snake will normally latch onto any lodged debris and give you the ability to manually remove it. Drain snakes are most commonly used to clear out shower drains that have hair build-up or for sink drains that are experiencing a blockage.

Avoid At-Home Drain Cleaners 

Whatever you do, avoid using products like Drano for a quick fix. While using a drain cleaner requires very little manual labor, this simple solution may cause more damage than good. Products like Drano sit in your pipe until the clog is dissolved, causing reactions over and over in addition to generating heat. This could result in a cracked pipe, toilet bowl or other damage to your system. Instead, call on our professional team to tackle this clog for you.

For help with a clogged drain contact Rescue Plumbing Inc.’s plumbers near Wrigleyville on our website today.

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