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Gold Coast Chicago Restaurant Drain Cleaning

We arrived in the early morning at a Chicago Restaurant to assess the situation for a call about a backed-up restaurant drain. The job was at a restaurant where the rear grease trap in the alley was full of grease and in need of service.

Sewer Rodding

To begin, our plumber conducted an in-depth diagnostic of the drainage plumbing system to locate all access points.

Our plumber proceeded to use an industrial power rodding machine for the cleaning service to remove the blockage. 

Power rodding is a tool used to remove blockages in sewer lines by using a high-powered motor that attaches to an industrial metal cable that has a cutting tool at the end. The cable is sent down into the sewer line.

On some occasions power rodding will not suffice because the blockage may be too big or be an indication of a larger problem. After several hours of power rodding with no success, we had to bring in the big guns. 

Hydro Jetting

When power rodding fails, usually because the blockage is too large, a 5000 psi hydro jetting machine that can unblock virtually any drain is used. 

Rescue Plumbing’s hydro jetter can rip through grease, tree roots, push debris. It is the most powerful drain cleaning machine we have; it will clear any blockage when power rodding fails.

Unfortunately, after another 2 hours of hydro jetting, we were unsuccessful in relieving the blockage.


Sewer Service

After several attempts, the blockage remained. The stubborn blockage indicated the sewer pipe was broken causing the line to fill with waste and not drain properly.

To validate his assessment, our plumber operated a sewer camera to transmit the location of the broken sewer line and mark the area where the sewer line was broken.

The customer did not expect this problem. Nevertheless, we created a game plan and began working on the solution.


Sewer line repair

The area in need of repair was located in the dining room of one of the most notable high-end restaurants/bars in Chicago.

We had to be cautious since sewer repairs require the opening of the ground to access the broken line.

As a result, we had to leave and schedule an appointment to come back to this neighborhood and conduct a sewer repair.

The repair would entail having to access the broken pipe and replace it in order to restore the flow of the sewer and prevent any future blockages.

Our plumber returned and completed the sewer service and got the job done! He made sure to seal up the floor nicely and remove all debris from the job site, in Chicago.


How To Prevent Sewer Line Damage

Dispose of waste properly

Dispose of waste properly, especially grease. Grease buildup can lead to drain clogs and drain blockages if it is not cleared soon enough.

The grease will solidify and accumulate until it reaches an abnormal level. It should be noted that drain clogs due to buildup are more likely at times of heavy usage than at other times.

Monitor drain odor

When sewage begins to begin to build up, all the waste will release a bad smell. It is good practice to monitor drain odor as it will indicate a potential blockage

Regular sewer service

Most importantly, be proactive and schedule regular drain maintenance (cleaning and inspection) every few months. In doing so you can get ahead of any major sewer problems and save yourself a headache.


The benefits of having your sewer drain cleaned regularly

It’s important to take care of your sewer drains. They are the one thing that connects you to a sewage system, and if they become clogged or damaged it can cause serious problems for your restaurant.

There are a few ways to avoid drain problems, but the most effective is having your sewer drain cleaned regularly. Drain cleaning is recommended at least once per year or as needed.

Clean Service Benefits

Reduced drain smells. This will make for a pleasant dining experience and ensure that everything is running smoothly in the kitchen!

A more sanitary restaurant environment. You can rest assured knowing that any bacteria, germs, or other microbes have been removed from your facility.

No sewer backups in your restaurant. This can be a huge problem, not only when it occurs, but also because of the damage that’s caused to any property or structure nearby.


Rescue Plumbing-Fair prices

If you’re in Chicago and your restaurant is experiencing backups or is in need of drain cleaning, give our office a call at (773)799-8848.

We can provide a free estimate Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. On arrival, our plumbers will walk through our fair pricing.

Chicago, IL Emergency Service

We serve 24-hour plumbing in the Chicago area as well as northern Chicago suburbs.

All our plumbers have quality equipment and supplies in stock to offer same-day service and night calls. If you have an emergency, we will come to the rescue! No matter what time nor day!

Our plumbing services include but are not limited to drain cleaning, sewer service, grease trap pump outs and drain snaking for commercial restaurants that need a deep clean on-site. Satisfaction guaranteed! We will come to the rescue!

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