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Do you have standing water at your business or home’s patio or basement? If so, you may be in serious need of a Rescue. Floor drains get clogged when too much debris gets stuck in the drainpipe.

Our licensed plumbers can unclog your drain in no time! Call our friendly staff today (773) 799-8848!

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Floor drains commonly often get blocked up from debris

What is a Floor Drain?

Floor drains are plumbing fixtures in the floor of a structure and mainly serve to remove any nearby standing water and to prevent flooding. You may have them in your house and not even know it.

You usually install one in a floor in your basement, at the drain line site. They are usually accessible from the floor. They are also installed in the laundry washer closet, utility rooms, patio, exterior basement door, etc. Read more about what causes a floor drain clog!

Floor drain clogs are serious and we are ready to help you immediately! There are two common causes for these sorts of clogs, either down the line or in the p-trap. 


If you’re lucky, once we clean out the p-trap the drain will be unclogged, but that is not always the case. Debris should not enter one if it has a strainer. However even with a strainer sometimes things will enter one that will cause a backup.

Sewer Line

In some cases, changes in water levels or the floor drain backing up can be an indicator of a bigger issue: a clogged sewer line.

Floor drains can be made of cast iron, plastic, nickel alloys, brass, PVC, ABS, or other non-corroding material. A cast-iron one tends to be an older type but they are still in use. PVC ones are often used in homes and connect to PVC pipe. They come in all sorts of shapes, including square, rectangular, and round.

Color-wise, they can be metallic, grey, white, or black. We carry them on our Rescue Plumbing trucks and have availability and selection of any style you may be interested in. If you have a specific request, we can get a well-priced floor drain from our suppliers for you.

Floor drains come with a strainer to stop debris from entering the drain. They are usually flush with the surface when installed. If you have an uneven surface, you will want to call Rescue Plumbing to make sure they get installed correctly. You can read articles on how to install them.

However, an article doesn’t offer the expert experience our plumbers have so you know you’re using the best products for your particular use.

Cost-wise their prices range from relatively inexpensive, like $30-$50 to $1000’s of dollars, depending on size and function.

It’s not easy to install or change a drain in the floor. You must remove the old one by any means possible. Floor drains tend to be in utility rooms usually in a basement if you are installing a floor drain in a basement you must remove the floor and excavate to expose the old floor drain. You must dig underneath the existing floor drain p-trap.

You then must remove the old drain. Lay down a proper bedding of gravel before installing the new floor drain. Install the new floor drain, backfill, and reinstall the floor. We recommend a licensed plumber help you install your drain.

Rescue Plumbing has the training and professional-grade equipment to unclog any drain in your home.

Hydro Jetting

Our licensed plumbers are trained to clear a clogged drain in the sewer line with a specialized hydro-jet machine. A hydro jet generates high-pressure water to break apart any clogs and push the debris through the pipes. This method avoids expensive and destructive excavation which is usually needed to clear clogs or remove pipes.

Power Rodding

A power rod machine is a professional, heavy-duty drain snake. The length of the rod means we can reach deep into your home’s pipes to clear any clog!

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Our professional plumbers can respond to your plumbing need! We have unclogged many drains, repaired drain lines, and removed drain clogs across the Chicagoland area.

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You have questions, the Rescue Team has answers.

A floor drain is used to remove any excess water run-off. Floor drains by code are installed in utility rooms as a fail-safe. Water heaters are usually located in a utility room and that utility room requires a floor drain as a fail-safe.

If the water heater were to leak then the drain could take on that excess water and route that water into your drainage system avoiding costly water damage.

A floor drain in plumbing is considered a plumbing fixture. It is used to remove any excess water run-off. Drains by code are installed in utility rooms as a fail-safe.

Floor drains are also installed in basement porches to collect excess water runoff. The floor is pitched towards the floor drain so that if water does get onto that floor it will be routed to the drain which takes that water into the drainage plumbing system.

Yes, a floor drain needs a vent. All drains period, need a vent. If someone tells you otherwise they know nothing about plumbing. Without proper venting, a drainage system will never work right.

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