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Clogged Drain | West Loop Gate Chicago

Plumber Fixes Clogged Drain West Loop Gate Chicago

A homeowner in West Loop Chicago called Rescue Plumbing in the early evening with an emergency job. The customer was having plumbing problems in their basement bathroom. Our professionals were able to arrive at the customers home in under an hour. The Chicago home was in need of a drain cleaning to fix the sewage issue.

Basement Bathroom Backup

The customer was experiencing a backup in their basement bathroom. When the basement faucets were running or the toilet was used, water would back up into the basement bathtub.

Toilet Paper Stuck in Bathroom Sewer

Our licensed plumber removed the toilet and conducted a camera inspection inside the pipes underneath to determine if there was a blockage in the sewer lines. He found a clump of toilet paper lodged in the pipe line that was causing the water to back up. It is important to be careful not to flush large amounts of toilet paper down the toilet as it can result in a clogged or blocked pipe, causing potential plumbing problems.

Basement Bathroom in Need of Drain Cleaning

A drain cleaning was needed to clear the blockage in the bathroom. Afterwards, our plumbers ran water down the drain pipes to verify that the blockage was gone. When all the water was able to flow freely, our plumber reinstalled the toilet. Regular sewer camera inspections are a great way to identify any plumbing issues before they happen. Schedule one today here on our website!

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