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Is your laundry room sink backed up? Has your basement or laundry room flooded with water? If so, you may be in need of a clogged laundry drain rescue.

Call Rescue Plumbing at (773) 799-8848 so our licensed plumbers can unclog your laundry sink!

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Laundry/Utility sink with a clog

What is a Laundry Room Sink?

A laundry or utility sink is a fixture used for washing clothing and often doubles as the drainage for your washing machine. it usually sits next to your washer and dryer. Your washing machine hose usually connects to it so your washing machine drains out to the sewer. If the hose is old, you may want to replace the hose.

Laundry sinks are typically found in the basement, utility room, or in the garage of your home, apartment, or condo building. Read more about what causes a clogged laundry sink and how to fix it!

A laundry sink becomes clogged when liquid or solid detergent combines with lint, hair, and other debris to cause a build-up inside of the drainage pipes. When lint and hair from the washer build up, the net effect is blockage. The blockage will need to be cleaned with a drain auger or a drain snake cable.

Components like the overflow pipe, drain hole, inlet pipe, and even the basin itself may all become clogged with hair, lint or debris.

The pipes to your laundry room sink typically clog in what is known as the p-trap or floor drain. The p-trap will sit just underneath its base and is made of up of a pipe with a bend in it. If the p-trap has a blockage, will cause dirty laundry water to flow into your laundry room or basement.

A laundry drain overflow from wastewater can cause severe property damage if ignored.

If the blockage has reached the drain in the floor, you will need to call a plumber at Rescue Plumbing (773) 799-8848.

At first you may experience a slow drain if a clog is starting to form in your laundry or utility sink. If left unattended, it may turn into a complete blockage that will require a proper drain cleaning.

July 4th Laundry Drain Disaster

Last year during the July 4th holiday weekend, Benjamin Vance, the owner of Rescue Plumbing, had a laundry drain overflowing into his basement.

The company was closed for the holiday. Vance immediately called Dex, one of his plumbers. Luckily, Dex was at a nearby Home Depot purchasing a grill. 

Dex stopped to help on his day off and used a drain auger (also known as a power rodding machine or drain snake), for snaking Vance’s laundry drain 25 ft. A drain auger or drain snake, is a specialized piece of plumbing equipment. (We train our plumbing team to know how to use an auger without damaging drain pipes or the pipe attached to the p-trap.) 

After power rodding/using the auger, Dex tested the drain by running a hot water hose from the washing machine directly into the drain. He ran the hot water for several minutes to make sure the line was clear and working properly.

Dex came to the rescue by unclogging Vance’s laundry drain with an auger! A laundry drain clog can happen to anybody, but we’re always here to help!

There may be times when clearing a clogged laundry drain can be relatively simple. We’re going to give you our best solutions to troubleshoot clogs on your own. Some techniques are simple, others more complex.

If you’re uncomfortable with any of them, or simply want help, call a plumber at Rescue Plumbing and we’ll solve your clog for you! (773) 799-8848.

Boiling Water – A First Step in Clearing Washing Machine Drains

If your clogged washing machine drain has a slow drain, boiling water may be able to help. The hot water can help dissolve soap buildup or loosen debris. Simply fill the sink with hot water and wait for it to drain. If it starts draining, quickly, you’re in luck! If this doesn’t work, try our vinegar and baking soda tip below.

Do Not Use Chemical Drain Cleaners!!

A chemical drain cleaner always looks like an easy solution since they’re advertised on TV. However, a drain cleaner like Drano can frequently damage and corrode pipe fittings and pipes. When people try to fix their clogged laundry drain with a drain cleaner, we frequently get called in to fix the repair a DIY-er started.

If you’re not sure about how damaging drain cleaners can be, call a licensed plumber at Rescue Plumbing, as we’ll be happy to help! (773) 799-8848.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Alternative

If you want to try a safe drain cleaner that will not damage the pipe in your home, try pouring baking soda and vinegar down the drain.

The reaction with the vinegar is an excellent way to lift dirt and grime the inside of a pipe. The acid breaks down baking soda, releasing carbon dioxide gas to safely clean the pipes. Rinse with water.

Bathroom Toilet Plunger Solution for a Blocked Drain

Can I really use a bathroom plunger for toilets to clean my clogged laundry drain? Yes!

To remove a clog from a utility sink place the toilet plunger around the drain so it forms a tight seal. To unclog, plug the opening with the plunger and push and pull to create suction. This may flush out the clog.

After several attempts, if this doesn’t work, then it may be time to call us! (773) 799-8848.

Last DIY Option, an Auger or Drain Snake

If you’re up to the task, try a drain snake or auger. First get towels and be ready to have to wash up a mess when you’re done.

Steps to Use an Auger:

  1. Remove the screen from your drain opening so you have access.
  2. Insert and feed the the auger into the drain up to its full length.
  3. Once you feed in the full length of the auger, crank it and feel for any clogs. You may also try carefully wiggling or turning the auger as you crank to break the clogs apart. If it’s a lint clog, it should more relatively easily. Flush with water.
  4. Pull the auger out and use towels to clean up the debris and water left over.

If this doesn’t work, it’s time to call a plumber like Rescue Plumbing! We have licensed and insured plumbers ready to tackle any job you may need assistance with. (773) 799-8848.

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Our professional plumbers can respond to your clogged laundry drain plumbing need! We have performed installations, repaired laundry sinks, and removed drain clogs across the Chicagoland area.

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You have questions, the Rescue Team has answers.

The first thing to do to unclog your laundry sink is to check the drain opening. Sometimes the drain opening strainer can clog up with lint and grease. If that does not work you must remove the p trap underneath the laundry sink to see if the clog is in the p-trap. If the laundry sink clog is not in the p-trap then the clog will need to be snaked.

Here in the Chicagoland area laundry sinks will usually back up because they are connected to the main kitchen stack. This kitchen stack will take on food waste and grease in combination with lint coming from your clothing washer can cause a back up.

Yes, you can use Drano in a laundry sink but we highly recommend against it. Drano can damage your drain pipes and cause a leak. Another reason we do not recommend Drano is because Drano’s chemicals are harmful to ones health. If you have a deep clog that Drano can not remove and Drano sits in the drain it can release hazardous fumes that can damage your lungs if breathed in.

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