Pipe Repair Plumber in Ukrainian Village, Chicago

Published on February 1st, 2021


Leaking Pipe Repairs in Ukrainian Village

Recently, we repaired two leaking pipes inside a home in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago.  Originally, the homeowner called us to inspect and repair a  leak in the ceiling.  After running an in-depth diagnostic, and then opening walls, we discovered two independent leaks.    

Plumber in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village

One leak was coming from the refrigerator shut off box.  The other leak was leaking copper piping in the ceiling.  To us, it was obvious that whoever installed this piping was definitely not a plumber because all the joints were leaking.  It must have been a novice who installed the piping.  If it a licensed plumber had installed the pipes, the joints would have not leaked.  We replaced the leaking joints accordingly.


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