There’s nothing worse than realizing that your plumbing system unexpectedly needs to be fixed. Not only does this impact your daily routine, but you are also likely stressed about finding an emergency plumber near Chicago in order to get it solved as soon as possible. This is where our team at Rescue Plumbing Inc. comes into play. We offer emergency plumbing services to make sure that we always have your back, even outside of business hours.

Major leaks can cause extreme structural damage to your home, even if the leak starts out small. If a pipe bursts, it can cause you and your family to lose access to your water supply. Regardless of the time of day or the severity of the issue, our team at Rescue Plumbing Inc. is only a phone call away.

How Do I Know If It’s An Emergency?

If you believe that your home or your business is at risk because of a leak, it is always ideal to call our emergency team. Here are some common reasons that our emergency services are needed:

  • A pipe that burst or is leaking: As soon as you notice that one of your pipes is either leaking or has burst altogether, call our team. This puts your home at risk of water damage, mold growth, structural damage, and more.
  • An overflowing toilet: Losing access to one of your toilets may not seem like a huge deal, but it can cause a mess in your bathroom and cause further damage. In this case, make sure to shut off the water valve and call our emergency plumber near Chicago.
  • A backed up sewer system: If you realize that your sewer system is backed up, your property will quickly endure the effects. In this case, call our team as soon as you realize that there is a problem.

Who Should I Call?

Our team at Rescue Plumbing Inc. is always accessible to you via our phone: (773) 799-8848 at any time. Yes, that means on weekends, in the middle of the night, holidays, etc. When you need help, our team will be there.

Do You Have Residential and Commercial Emergency Services?

Yes! Plumbing-related emergencies do not discriminate, so our team is ready to help with both residential and commercial emergency services. Please call our emergency plumber near Chicago for immediate assistance for both your residential and commercial plumbing needs.