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Plumbing Emergency in Buffalo Grove

A homeowner in Buffalo Grove, IL had to scoop buckets of water from the bathtub to the toilet in order to prevent the water from overflowing in the bathroom and flooding her home. Rescue Plumbing arrived at her home in under an hour, this was certainly a plumbing emergency! Our professional plumbers have extensive experience with all types of emergency plumbing situations.

Bathroom Drain Clog and Leak

The bathtub drain of the home was clogged, and at the same time, the shower faucet was leaking into the tub. The customer was not able to locate the water shut-off valve to the shower. It is important to know where the shut-off valves are in the plumbing fixtures of your house in case of a plumbing emergency. Shutting off the water will help prevent leaking pipes or flooding.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

The bathtub drain was clogged with hair, our plumbers had to power rod the drain several times to remove the blockage. A clogged shower drain can cause more than just a wet bathroom floor, it can also lead to serious water damage. When water is unable to flow freely down the drain, it can put pressure on the pipes and cause them to leak.

Shower Pipe Replacement

The water shut-off valve was located to begin the repairs of the shower faucet. The customer preferred to have a new faucet installed instead of repairing it. When replacing a new faucet that is attached to drywall, it’s necessary to open the wall for access to the pipes. After opening the wall, our plumber found old galvanized water pipes. We replaced these old metal pipes with type L copper piping and a new shower valve was installed. Galvanized water pipes corrode over time and cause leaks, this would have become another plumbing issue for the customer in the future.

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