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Shower Repair | Kenilworth Illinois

Plumbing Services in Kenilworth, IL

This homeowner called Rescue Plumbing for plumbing services. While their plumbing needs weren’t dire like a backed-up kitchen sink or a battery backup pump install, they wanted a hotter shower. Our professional plumber responded quickly to get this customers shower working properly for their preferences!

Hot Water Faucet in Shower

This customer wanted plumbing services to increase the water temperature in their shower and steam room. They believed it would involve the water heater so they made an appointment with Rescue Plumbing. Our plumber arrived in Kenilworth, IL, and began service.

Water Heater or Faucet Troubles?

After inspecting the water heater, our plumber suspected it was actually the shower faucet that needed repair. Luckily our services offered include water heater maintenance and shower faucet installation! We carefully opened the wall to inspect the shower plumbing.

Shower Plumbing Repairs

Our pros opened the wall near the toilet to expose the shower drain and pipe. There was no leak, fortunately, so the plumber began adjusting the shower and bathtub faucet temperature gauge. By adjusting the temperature control, our client in Kenilworth, IL got the hot showers they hoped for! Rescue Plumbing is always happy to help customers reach their ideal plumbing. Call to schedule your free estimate!

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