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Bucktown Chicago IL Service Plumbing Inspection

Having up to date plumbing in your home is important for preventing leaks, increasing water efficiency, and most importantly, ensuring the safety and health of your family. We provide both standard plumbing service and emergency plumbing service for your residential and commercial buildings.

Urgent Plumbing Services and Inspection

A customer called us for a detailed plumbing inspection of their home before listing it for sale. Performing an inspection prior to selling your home helps identify and solve potential plumbing issues that may negatively impact the sale of your property. We urgently sent out a plumber to do an inspection and provide a free estimate for the plumbing services needed.

Out of Date Plumbing Fixtures

Our licensed plumber found many plumbing repairs were needed in the home. The main issue was that drainage pipes and p-traps were made of plastic and had to be replaced. These pipes are required to be chrome per Chicago code. On the day of inspection, our plumber was able to provide a quote and complete the plumbing repair in one day! 

Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Repairs Needed

Our plumbers found that three p-traps needed to be replaced between the kitchen and bathroom sinks. P-traps are an important part of a plumbing system because they trap water and prevent sewer gasses from entering the building through the sink drain. Our plumbers also replaced a corroded sewer line cleanout cap that gives access to the sewer line for any repairs and services.

The customer was extremely happy we were able to fix the plumbing issues. The next time you need emergency services or standard plumbing services like a sump pump repair, hot water heater repair, or even the installation of plumbing fixtures call our friendly staff at (733) 799-8848!

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