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Emergency Plumber Lincolnwood IL

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Kitchen Sewer Repair in Lincolnwood IL

Published on December 16th, 2020

Kitchen Sewer Line Repair in Lincolnwood

Recently, we took a residential plumbing job in Lincolnwood.  Initially, the customer reported their laundry line backing up in the basement.  Our first response was to power rod the line to clear any obstructions in it.

After rodding the line for several hours, we were unable to clear the clog.  So, we excavated the line in the basement and found out that the laundry line and the kitchen line were joined together.

Residential Sewer Line Repair in Lincolnwood IL

Excavating under the concrete to expose the sewer line.

Sewer Unclogging Outside the Home

Using a sewer locating diagnostic tool, we found a buried catch basin outside of the home.  In order to access the catch basin, we had to remove brick pavers, and excavate through a concrete staircase.

The basin was completely full of grease from the kitchen line.  So, we had an EPA Certified pump truck come and remove all of the grease clogging the sewer line.

Excavating Sewer Line Outside of Home

Excavating the sewer line outside of the home.

After further evaluation, we discovered that only the laundry and kitchen lines were connected to the catch basin.  With the owner’s permission, we removed the catch basin so no more grease could collect and cause future clogs.

We installed a 4 inch cleanout and connected the new line directly to the building’s underground sewer line.  Now, the catch basin is gone, and the line connects directly to the building’s sewer line.  And, there is a cleanout for easy access in the future.

Repairing Completed a Sewer Line Job

We ended up excavating a log of concrete and dirt both inside and outside of the home. This required a lot of rebuilding after we fixed the clogged sewer line.

Sewer Line Repair Lincolnwood

Finishing up the sewer line repairs inside the residence.

We re-patched the concrete in the basement.  We rebuilt the concrete staircase outside, and also reinstalled the brick pavers.  Finally, we repaired the drywall and painted in the basement.

Sewer Repair in Lincolnwood

Nearly finished inside repairs to the sewer line.

Emergency Plumbers in Lincolnwood, IL

In the end, what started out as a clogged laundry line ended with a catch basin removal and re-piping of the sewer line outside of the home.  We know from experience that what may seem line one plumbing emergency can turn into a different type of issue.

Outside Sewer Line Repairs Lincolnwood IL

Completed sewer line repairs outside of the home.

That’s why at Rescue Plumbing, we say, “Anything plumbing we can rescue!” No matter what plumbing issues you may have – or think you may have – we can fix.


Lincolnwood Ejector Pit Repair and Ion Genesis Backup System Installation

Published on September 30th, 2020

Being an emergency plumber in Lincolnwood, Illinois means you come across all types of plumbing problems. But as we love to say, Anything Plumbing We Can Rescue!

Ejector Pit and Pump Repair in Lincolnwood, IL

We recently replaced an ejector pit at a home in Lincolnwood, IL.  By the time we finished, we replaced the damaged ejector pit with a new plastic pit, installed a new ejector pump, and installed an Ion Genesis battery back up system.

ejector pit installation chicago plumber

After install picture of the replacement ejector pit with pump.

The plumbing job took two days. First, we replaced an old ejector pit that caved in.  The pit was originally made of clay tile, and had eroded to the point that it leaked.  We replaced it with a new plastic ejector pit and installed a new sewer pump. 

Ejector Pit Installation Plumbing Chicago

Ejector Pit Installation Plumbing Lincolnwood IL. After-installation.

Ejector Pump Battery Backup Installation

We also installed a top of the line battery back up system.  The Ion Genesis systems are one of the best systems out there on the market today.  

Ion Genesis Battery Backup System Installation

Ion Genesis Battery Backup System Installation

The reason this type of ejector pump backup system work so well is because, when triggered, these pumps can alternate power distribution to two different pumps.  It’s one of the best systems out on the market.

Ion Genesis Battery Backup System Installation Lincolnwood Chicago Completed

Ion Genesis Battery Backup System Installation Lincolnwood IL, Completed

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