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Water Leak | Glenview Illinois

Renovation Wreaks Havoc on Plumbing System

Water leaks can be a stressful plumbing problem. Sustained leaks can cause mold growth, and water damage on walls which costs a lot to fix. Luckily, Rescue Plumbing offers plumbing services such as water leak detection to find and repair leaking water pipes in Glenview, IL! If you notice leaking water, call professionals right away to find and repair the problem.

Water Leak From the Ceiling

Our Glenview, IL customer called about a leak from the ceiling! Leaks can come from many different parts of a plumbing system, from burst pipes to sump pumps. Because of this, our plumbers need to perform an in-depth water leak detection process to locate the leak at its source. After spotting the water damage in the ceiling, our expert followed the leak to the bathroom.

Plumbing Repairs on Pipes

Once our plumber located the leak to the bathroom, they checked the toilets’ components, but that wasn’t leaking. Our team narrowed down the leak to the vanity cabinet that the homeowners recently installed. To begin the plumbing repairs, our team carefully removed the vanity to reveal the plumbing causing the water leak.

Pipe Replacement

After finding the source of the leak, we began plumbing repairs right away! Unfortunately, our customers had drilled a mounting screw for the vanity cabinet directly into their copper pipe during installation. Once the vanity cabinet was moved, we quickly replaced the plumbing pipe and cleaned up any water to prevent further water damage. The plumbers then checked both hot water and cold water was working and that there were no more leaks. Our plumber services are comprehensive to solve any plumbing problem in Glenview, IL, and the surrounding area.

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