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West Town’s trusted emergency plumbers for fixing clogged sinks, sewer cleaning, drain repair, and so much more!

Rescue Plumbing Inc. is a full-service plumbing company offering residential and commercial plumbing services in West Town, throughout Chicago and the northern suburbs. We are locally owned and operated by expert plumber, Benjamin Vance, who has 15+ years of experience in the industry. Rescue Plumbing was created out of Benjamin’s desire to provide West Town, and the rest of the greater Chicagoland area, with unparalleled customer care and high-quality plumbing services for reasonable, affordable prices.

Emergency Plumbers Near You in West Town Chicago

Rescue Plumbing’s team of West Town plumbers are trained and knowledgeable technicians and able to fix any residential or commercial plumbing issue you may have. We are licensed and insured professionals and always deliver quality workmanship with every service call. When you hire Rescue Plumbing, you can expect our crew to be respectful, on-time and provide an honest assessment of your plumbing problems. Additionally, when it comes to plumbing contractors in Chicago, our low-cost solutions paired with fast, reliable service and long-term results give you the absolute best quality in town.

About West Town Chicago

We are proud to be a Better Business Bureau Accredited A+ Rating plumbing company and to serve the West Town community. West Town is located northwest of the loop on the west side of Chicago. It is said to be named after Western avenue and was once part of the Polish downtown. The boundaries of West Town are the Chicago River to the east, the Union Pacific railroad tracks to the south, the railroad tracks on Bloomingdale Avenue to the North, and Humboldt Park to the west. West Town is a collection of several different neighborhoods in Chicago.

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West Town runs the gamut of housing styles, from brand new condos to historical mansions to townhomes. Homes in the community generally have unfinished basements and often have issues with unwanted water that can lead to mold and/or damage, and many other issues that can wreak havoc on your wallet. To stay ahead of the game, routine assessments and prevention are key. Our team of expert plumbers can access your basement before any problems actually happen and put systems in place to help prevent any potential problems from happening in the future. When you hire Rescue Plumbing, Inc. you are getting quality from the first phone call to project completion.

Anything Plumbing We Can Rescue!

At Rescue Plumbing we offer emergency plumbing services in West Town 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year because we know you don’t choose when your plumbing system is going to act up. If your plumbing system isn’t working the way that it should and you need immediate assistance, don’t panic, because we are only a phone call away.

No job is ever too small or too complex for our pros at Rescue Plumbing. Some of the residential and commercial plumbing problems we handle regularly include:

  • Clogged sink
  • Sewer cleaning, sewer camera inspection and sewer repair
  • Drain cleaning, clogged drain and clogged drain repairs
  • Frozen pipes, burst pipe repair
  • Water heater repair and installation
  • Leak detection and repair

And much, much more!

So, the next time you’ve got a clogged toilet, blocked drain, or a leaking water heater, and you’re looking for an expert plumber in West Town, look no further than Rescue Plumbing.

For immediate assistance or to schedule an appointment for a service visit, call us at (773) 799-8848 or contact us via our website today!

Check out our recent work in the neighborhood!

Westown Gas Leak Repair: Identify Fugitive Gases

Published on May 13th, 2021

Tips To Identify A Mild Gas Leak In Your Home

If you’ve been noticing a slight gas odor in your home, it is important to get the leak repaired right away!

Not only will this help keep your family safe from potential hazards, but it may also save you money on high utility bills.

A gas leak can be found by using a pipe locator or gas leak detector before calling a plumber or service provider to turn off the main gas valve at the house’s meter box.

Even a small gas leak if left untreated can have significant side effects on both health and safety for tenanats. It’s important to take proper measures to fix the problem before it escalates.

What To Do If You Have A Huge Gas Leak

If you are noticing symptoms or smell a strong gas odor you should immediately:

  • Turn off all gas appliances and pilot lights!
  • Warning family members to stay out of the home until it is safe again!
  • Call your local fire department, police, or a plumber for help!

A big leak can lead to serious consequences such as creating carbon monoxide in your home that could become fatal if not treated properly.

West Town Gas Leak Detected

This job was completed in the glorious West Town neighborhood in Chicago.

The customer called the gas company due to a strong gas odor in the building. The gas company instantly came out and shut off the gas immediately and instructed them to hire a licensed plumber to repair the gas leaks.

It was a pretty long and cumbersome day, due to the gas shut-off, the Rescue team was forced to hook up an air compressor to the gas system to identify the leaks. 

Gas Line Pressure Test

In the picture above, you can see clearly the bubbles created by the leaks.

After a gas leak is detected the team runs what is called a pressure test.

A gas pressure test is used to test for leaks. It is done by connecting a hose to the gas pipe and then “shooting” compressed air into it, if any bubbles are detected it is a clear indication of where the leak is infiltrating.

We then shoot air back into the pipe and perform a 5 minute pressure test. If the test holds together, we are good to call the gas company so they can restore service.  

As you can see from the picture below, our team inspected every inch of piping throughout the building and found no additional gas leak issues – awesome work guys!

Rescue Plumbing Repairs The Gas Leak.

In conclusion, gas leaks can be very cumbersome and costly, which is why we recommend you have them fixed as soon as possible.

The plumbers at Rescue Plumbing are completely prepared for the job with their array of gadgets such as gas leak detection tools, pipe repair kits.

The team at Rescue Plumbing is available 24/7 and ready to take calls around the clock. We have the expertise and knowledge to identify leaks throughout your home or office building and make necessary repairs so that you don’t need to worry about them anymore.

For more information about how to repair your leaking pipes and prevent future problems, please contact us at (773) 799-8848!

Sewer Line Repair West Town Chicago Plumber

Published on January 14th, 2021

Fixing a Clogged Sewer in West Town Chicago

We are everywhere in Chicago.  But sometimes, that also means you are at the same place more than once.

Recently, we completed a sewer cleanout in West Town, Chicago.  Previously, we completed jobs at the condominium complex, addressing an ongoing servicing of the kitchen lines in several units.

This time, the issue was in the sewer lines that several units drain into.

Rescue Plumbing West Town Chicago Clean Out Cement Fill

Rescue Plumbing West Town Chicago Clean Out Cement Fill

Kitchen Sink Plumbing Repairs

Units on the lower floors were flooded due to no maintenance on the kitchen lines. We already pumped three catch basins, and hydrojetted all main kitchen lines.

The only access to the sewer line is was a cleanout in the basement unit living space.  Which meant, every time we needed to service the sewer line, we had to enter someone’s residence.

Rescue Plumbing West Town Chicago Clean Out Gravel Fill

Rescue Plumbing West Town Chicago Clean Out Gravel Fill

We went further by proactively installing an exterior point of access for future maintenance of the kitchen line.  That way, in the event we need to hydro jet or power rod the lines in the future, we do not need to enter someone’s residence to access the sewer line.

Emergency Plumbers in West Town Chicago

Rescue Plumbing West Town Chicago Clean Out Gravel Fill

Rescue Plumbing West Town Chicago Clean Out Gravel Fill

No matter where you live in the city or surrounding suburbs, Rescue Plumbing is there to help you with your Chicago plumbing needs.  Give us a call today for a free estimate, and same-day service is available.  Anything Plumbing We Can Rescue!



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