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Ceiling Leak | Fulton Market Chicago

Water Leaks From Ceiling in Fulton Market

Water leaking from the ceiling can have a lot of potential causes. Before you start on a roof repair project, call a professional plumber to conduct leak detection! For this Chicago, IL resident, our plumber found a faulty shower causing the leak.

Leaking Ceiling

Our customer called us because of water leaking from the ceiling into their Chicago home. The water was causing water stains and even peeling paint! Our plumber arrived quickly to investigate the affected areas and find the leak’s source.

Pipe Leak From the Shower Drain

When a leak comes from the ceiling a lot of Chicago property owners assume it is a roof leak and that roof leaks are expensive to repair. However, our experts often find a water leak is due to leaky pipes or sometimes even an overflowing toilet. For this Fulton Market resident, the leak was caused by a second-floor shower drain. Our plumber quickly set out to start repairs to prevent extensive water damage.

Expert Leak Repair

Luckily, there wasn’t water damage in the entire house that affected structural integrity. It was a simple leak with water coming from the shower. Our plumber replaced the damaged area of the pipe! Then we ran the water to check for any other leaks. Rescue Plumbing provides thorough and effective leak repair around Chicago, IL!

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