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Plumbing Repair Needed For Kitchen Faucet in Mount Prospect Home

Our plumbing services were needed in a home in Mount Prospect, Illinois that was facing faucet issues. Issues with the faucet can occur for a number of reasons, luckily Rescue Plumbing’s Illinois plumbers specialize in faucet repair!

Low Water Pressure in Kitchen Faucet

A family in Mount Prospect found themselves with little to no water pressure coming from their kitchen faucet. Unsure of the cause, they knew they needed our plumbing services. They gave our friendly staff a call and our plumbing professionals arrived the same day to repair the issue! At Rescue Plumbing, we offer free estimates with details of the process of the repair and plumbing repair costs.

Plumbing System Diagnosis

Upon arrival, our experts ran a faucet diagnostic to determine the cause of the water pressure issue. The plumber removed the supply lines underneath the kitchen sink to check the water pressure. The diagnostic found that the pressure in supply lines was working properly, this meant the kitchen faucet was the issue.

Residential Plumbing Repair Service

After determining the issue, the plumber found that the faucet was old and it was time for a faucet replacement. First, we removed the old faucet, then we installed a brand-new kitchen faucet. After the plumbing installation, we ran a test to ensure the water pressure was back to normal – it was! If you are in Mount Prospect, or near Mount Prospect, Il, and need top-quality plumbing services, Rescue Plumbing is here for you! We are ready to take on your plumbing repairs, from faucet replacement to sewer line repair. We offer free estimates and same-day service availability, give us a call today at (773)799-8848!

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