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Turmoil in the Streets: Burst Pipe Repair Downtown Chicago

A burst pipe repair can be a messy and inconvenient situation for any homeowner. Especially when it occurs in the downtown Chicago area, where many residential buildings are located within close proximity to one another.

Many people are in dire need of a plumber after burst pipes have led to flooding in their homes or business. It is not an uncommon occurrence for burst pipes to cause catastrophic damage, especially when they burst indoors.

If you are one of the many who has been affected by this, you know how expensive it can be to fix the problem. Don’t worry! We will provide you with some useful tips that will help get your plumbing back up and running as soon as possible!

burst pipe repair, flooding, downtown Chicago

What Is Flooding And What Are Common Problems That Lead To A Flood?

Flooding is the accumulation of excess water in an area that has been covered or filled with water. Flooding can occur throughout your home, whether it’s in your basement, ground floor, or even in a Downtown Chicago high rise. These are a few common problems that lead to flooding:

Clogged gutters or downspouts:

If a flood warning occurs while having clogged gutters, the water cannot drain from your roof causing it to overflow. With nowhere to go, it will eventually find its way into your home.

Poor foundation drainage:

Builders and homeowners can make mistakes when they install a foundation. If the drainage system is installed incorrectly, water will build up around the house instead of draining away from it as it should do.

Heavy Rains/Flash Floods:

Living in the city of Chicago, we are no strangers to heavy rain and if a storm is heavy enough it can lead to a flood warning or flash floods. In Downtown Chicago, close to the Chicago River and Lake Michigan, we are no strangers to floods, make sure you seek higher ground if floods ever get too bad.

Burst pipe:

One of the most common causes of flooding is a burst pipe. When a burst pipe occurs or other part of the plumbing system fails, causing water to flow rapidly and if left untreated will lead to flooding. There are many reasons for a pipe burst, and here at Rescue Plumbing, we want you to be prepared for such an emergency.

burst pipe repair, pipes, downtown chicago

Warning Signs That Your Pipe Is About To Burst

Knowing if your pipe is about to burst can be as easy as looking for a few signs. Being able to spot the signs of possible burst pipe before it happens:

First of all, if your pipes freeze during cold temperatures, during the Chicago winter months, that is a sign your pipes could burst soon.

Secondly, when you have no water coming out of your faucets your pipes could be frozen and burst soon causing flooding.

Finally, rusty-colored spots on pipes could be corrosion and that could indicate a pipe could burst soon.

What You Should Do When Your Pipe Burst?

When your pipe burst, you may also need to do some damage control. Here are a few things you should do:

  • Turn off your sink or faucet if you can do it easily. This way, no additional water will go into the broken pipe which means less leakage. The last thing you want is for a small problem to become bigger because of inaction on your part.
  • If it’s safe, switch off your water supply to avoid more damage and save on your water bill because leaving the water supply on can lead to high costs on your utility bill!
  • Most importantly you will need to call an expert plumber to come and fix your existing pipe. Don’t try it yourself as you don’t want the situation to get worse than what it already is. A plumber will be able to assess if there are any other leaks that need fixing.
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The Importance of Having Our Expert Plumbers When Your Pipes Burst in Downtown Chicago

It can be difficult to know what to do when your pipes burst especially when you were heading out and ready to enjoy a day in the city.


Unfortunately, a Chicago resident experienced this first hand after getting ready to meet with friends at the Chicago Blues Festival, a burst pipe led to flooding in their house and leaving them in need of emergency plumbing services!

Fortunately, the property owner knew of one solution and contacted our team at Rescue Plumbing! Our plumbers are available throughout the Chicago region day and night.


One of our experienced plumbers was finishing a job near Millennium Park when he got the call. He was able to arrive on-site in just a few minutes even with traffic, our professional plumbers are familiar with Chicago and know how to avoid busy areas like State Street.

Upon arrival, he discovered that a burst pipe caused the flood in the patio area, and our plumber had the tools necessary to access their home systems and turn off all incoming water lines.


To drain the patio, our plumber created a specialized piping system using a sump pump. After the water was extracted the plumber was able to do a thorough examination using a camera video inspection to determine where the water was coming from.

He discovered that the water faucet on the outside patio had burst and trapped the water in the patio area. Our professional had to open a wall in the home in order to access the water faucet. 

A cutter was used on the burst pipe, and a shut-off valve was added. He then replaced the old faucet with a new one-of-a-kind security faucet to completely repair and cure their plumbing issues.

We had a great experience with them! They were thrilled to be able to walk outside on the patio and look out at the city of Chicago, you could even see the Willis Tower (we know it’s really the Sears Tower) from their patio.

While they did not make it to the festival, they were able to have a fun night at the Art Institute instead. Here at Rescue Plumbing, we love being able to put a smile on our client’s faces and solve all of their plumbing issues.

Let US Rescue YOU

If you’re in the downtown Chicago area, and you are in need of pipe repair after yours burst. Do not hesitate to give us a call!

We are ready to repair all your plumbing needs! Rain, snow, or shine Rescue Plumbing is ready to protect you from all plumbing problems!

Our friendly team of plumbing experts will come out after hours to repair your pipes, do not risk further damage by trying to fix it on your own. Call us for a free estimate today!

Give us a call and one of our office staff will flash the Rescue signal and send an expert plumber to your location right away. Call us right now at 773-799-8848!

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