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Sewer Odor Coming from Basement

Sewer odor is not something you would like to come home to! A resident in the Winnemac neighborhood of Chicago, IL called for an emergency plumber in the late hours of the day because of a sewer smell in their home. The toilets in the basement of the home were not working. Our licensed plumbers have extensive experience with all types of emergency plumbing situations.

Faulty Ejector Pump

Upon arrival, the plumber discovered the source of the strong sewer odor. A sewer pump, also known as an ejector pump, was the source of the odor in the house. The plumber discovered sewage when he opened the pit where the ejector pump was located. This indicated a faulty ejector pump. Ejector pumps are wastewater pumping devices that move any sewage away from the property through the sewage line.

Plumbing Maintenance Services

Many homeowners are unaware that an ejector pump unit is installed in their home. Ejector pumps are prone to fail as they sit submerged in water. In the case of this customer, the motor of the ejector pump had stopped working. It is recommended to have a licensed plumber inspect the unit and keep up with maintenance frequently. Contact our friendly staff to schedule maintenance for your ejector pumps!

Licensed Plumber Services

At Rescue Plumbing, all of our plumbers carry at least two sewer pumps and all their tools and equipment in their trucks. The ejector pump was replaced with a new unit the same day! Rescue Plumbing is a full-service professional plumbing company that specializes in solving all of your plumbing needs. Our licensed plumbers can complete plumbing repairs quickly and efficiently!

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