Flood Control Near South Side Chicago

Flood Control | Near South Side Chicago

Residential Flood Control System

Flood control systems are a very important system to have in your home if your residential area experiences heavy rains.  It’s important to maintain your flood control systems throughout the year even when the pump is not used. Without proper maintenance of your flood control system and sewer line, you may experience flood damage to your property.

Flood Damage in Home

A customer in Chicago’s Near South Side was continuously having flooding problems. As a storm was beginning to close in, they called to have their residential flood control system looked at. This job was especially difficult due to the sump pit depth of 12 feet and heavy rains.

Collapsed Sewer System

The sewage system had already collapsed and needed to be excavated. When a sewer system is collapsed, it can lead to an increase in flood waters from Chicago sewers that overwhelms the flood control system. It took several days to properly build the flood control systems structure and repair the sewer system as the rain impacted the excavation site.

Flood Control Systems in Chicago

The flood control system structure was built and passed the City of Chicago inspection, as well as an installation of a new flood control system. There are many flood control system options available, our expert plumbers are able to find the right solution for your home to help prevent local flooding from heavy rain or overflowing of the city’s sewer system.

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