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Basement Clog | West Rogers Park Chicago

Basement Flooding in West Rogers Park

This project was completed in Chicago’s West Rogers Park neighborhood. The customer called stating her basement drains were clogged and water was beginning to back up into the home. After examining the basement problem, an issue was found with the home’s main sewer line. Our licensed plumbers have the tools and training to diagnose any sewer line problem!

Drain Cleaning Services

With a high-powered drain cleaning machine, the plumber attempted to unclog the drain from the basement clean-out access. Another powerful drain-cleaning machine was used to attempt to clean the overflowing pipe from an existing flood control system. Both attempts were unsuccessful. It is important to treat the issues as soon as possible, drain clogs can lead to leaking pipes due to the pressure building up.

Broken Sewer Line Discovered

A sewer camera inspection was performed in order to pinpoint the exact location of the blockage. Our team was able to better diagnose the sewer line issue after using a specialized location transmitter on the camera. The sewer line had broken off near the foundation wall of the house.

Sewer Drain Repair

In order to prevent future flooding of the basement, our expert plumbers had to excavate the pipe in the basement and the exterior of the foundation wall to repair the sewer drains. A new sewer drain pipe was installed going through the foundation wall. It’s not always obvious when you need sewer repair or to replace a sewer line. Sometimes the symptoms are as simple as a slow drain or as urgent as flooding! Whether your home needs sewer line replacement or sewer line cleaning, our experts are happy to help.

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