Basement flood northalsted chicago

Basement Flood | Northalsted Chicago

Basement Flooding Due to an Ejector Pump

A flooded basement isn’t always caused by a storm hitting Chicago. For this family in Northalsted Chicago, it wasn’t heavy rains that caused basement flooding. It was a broken flood control system. During heavy rains, local sewers can be overwhelmed and cause flooding inside basements and homes. Rescue Plumbing recommends installing a flood control system to keep your property safe!

Flooded Basement Panic

This customer’s basement began flooding late in the evening. They tried to place towels to mitigate water damage but they needed a plumber fast! Our emergency plumber arrived at their home located in Northalsted that night.

Flood Control System Fails

The plumber investigated the property and uncovered that the homeowner had an ejector pump in the basement. Ejector pumps, like sump pumps, are often found in basements. If they are not maintained they can cause flooding. For this Chicago homeowner, wipes and other paper products were flushed into their sewer which got into the ejector pump motor and broke it.

Rescue Plumbing Installs a New Flood Control System

Rescue Plumbing often installs ejector pumps on Chicago sewers so our plumber had one ready in his plumbing van! We quickly installed the new pump to stop the basement flooding and kept their sewer flowing smoothly. We also referred them to Rescue Restoration to repair the water damage!

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